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A wireless LAN or WLAN is a wireless local area network, which is the linking of two or more computers without using wires. It uses radio communication to accomplish the same functionality that a wired LAN has. WLAN utilizes spread-spectrum technology based on radio waves to enable communication between devices in a limited area, also known as the basic service set. This gives users the mobility to move around within a broad coverage area and still be connected to the network.
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By: Aerohive     Published Date: Feb 05, 2015

The WLAN Buyer's guide will help you understand how to evaluate enterprise WLAN networks.

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By: Copper River IT     Published Date: Dec 16, 2014

This white paper takes a close look at the importance of moving to an agile, high-performance, next-generation data center network with three key areas that need to be addressed in order to do so: The Data Center Interconnect, Cloud Connectivity, and Building Cloud-Aware Networks.

Tags : copper river, copper river it, data center, sdn, software defined networking, wan, networking, dci
By: NEC     Published Date: Nov 12, 2014

In this webinar an expert panel will examine the security and visibility needs of mesh SDN networks by examining the security challenges faced by businesses in distributed SDN environments. The webinar will also present real-world case studies of companies who excelling at providing a superior customer experience for their applications and their sites.

Tags : nec, software defined networking, sdn, lan, land area network, wifi, wireless network, network management
By: Cisco Systems     Published Date: Dec 23, 2013

In June 2013, Cisco engaged Miercom to evaluate the capabilities and performance of the latest Cisco Integrated Service Router (ISR) for branch offices—the Cisco 4451-X ISR. Review the report in full and discover why Miercom awarded the Cisco 4451-X ISR the Performance Verified award. Read Report

Tags : cisco, cisco waas, miercom, cisco integrated service router, isr, branch offices, bandwidth, wan
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Sep 17, 2013

Learn how Riverbed® OPNET Unified Communications Xpert™ (UC Xpert) software provides end-to-end service management for Unified Communications and remote troubleshooting.

Tags : riverbed, service management, ip communications, ip networks, ip telephony, web conferencing, ip faxing, wireless office
By: RingCentral     Published Date: Sep 09, 2013

Stay ahead of evolving business needs with communications that enable people to work the way they want. Download this free offer to learn how RingCentral provides calls, fax and conferencing solutions to ensure people can be at their most productive, irrespective of location.

Tags : ringcentral, mobile communications, wireless, cellphones, cell phone, bluetooth, iphone, android
By: HP OMG Mobile Workforce     Published Date: Nov 27, 2012

Download this free white paper, WLAN Market Trends and Drivers, for a better understanding of both the most compelling scenarios and value propositions that are driving the WLAN market.

Tags : wlan market, wireless lan, it infrastructure, mobility, local area networking, wlan
By: Cotendo     Published Date: Nov 18, 2011

Learn about the technology limitations killing the performance of mobile websites and mobile applications, plus how innovations in mobile content delivery networks (CDNs) can transform users' experience of the mobile Web.

Tags : mobile cloud, mobile web performance, mobile website performance, mobile application performance, mobile content delivery, mobile acceleration, mobile cdn, cotendo mobile
By: Cotendo     Published Date: Nov 18, 2011

Learn what's slowing down your dynamic mobile websites and mobile apps-and how to fix it. In this on-demand webinar, join Mobile IT leaders discussing best practices and a new case study on how to speed up the mobile end user experience.

Tags : mobile web best practices, mobile content delivery, mobile acceleration, mobile web performance, mobile website performance, mobile cdn, mobile cloud, mobile application performance
By: HP     Published Date: Nov 14, 2011

See how HP is setting the benchmark for 802.11n performance with the industry's first three-spatial-stream 802.11n dual-radio access points.

Tags : wireless, 208.11n, dual-radio, performance, benchmark, ehternet, range, coverage
By: HP     Published Date: Nov 14, 2011

Read this whitepaper to learn the 3 key factors that IT managers need to consider when designing a scalable network for today's mobile workforce.

Tags : networks, mobile, mobile workers, worforce, scalable, wi-fi, text, social networks
By: Aerohive     Published Date: Oct 12, 2011

Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technology are fundamentally changing enterprise computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. Powerful enterprise applications can now be delivered to almost any device, anywhere, at any time.

Tags : aerohive, virtualization, cloud computing, wireless technology, access points, mobile internet devices, wi-fi devices, routing
By: PC Mall     Published Date: Oct 12, 2011

HP Mobility Traffic Manager enables flexible WLAN traffic distribution models to address diverse applications and business requirements.

Tags : wlan, technology, enterprise, mobility traffic manager, pc mall, business analytics, business intelligence, application integration
By: Tata Communications     Published Date: Sep 13, 2011

Ethernet's now global and is expanding its reach even further. But will it still be Ethernet?

Tags : ethernet, pbb, provider backbone bridges, e-lan, technology, mac addresses, wlan, web services
By: Tata Communications     Published Date: Sep 13, 2011

Tata Communications WAN Ethernet Services provide cost-effective, secure, low and high-speed connectivity solutions that easily scale with your business needs for access and WAN, while allowing you to maintain control of your network routing. These Layer 2 Ethernet services simplify network design and management, extending your Ethernet LAN to the world, seamlessly.

Tags : tata communications, ethernet service, international bank, meg, sla option, iplc lines, bandwith, circuit performance
By: Cisco     Published Date: Apr 14, 2011

Find out how Unified Communications combines voice and data on a single network to improve the way you do business.

Tags : cisco, voice, wlan, communications, ip networks, vlan, ip telephony, quality of service
By: Tata Communications     Published Date: Apr 05, 2011

This document discusses the evolution of Ethernet. As a proven leader in delivering Ethernet services, Tata Communications is making a bold, calculated move that positively impact the future of Ethernet and ultimately benefit customers.

Tags : pbb technology, tata communications, vlan, b-vlan, lan, provider backbone bridging technology, active directory, bandwidth management
By: Sunesys     Published Date: Nov 14, 2010

Sunesys dark fiber takes out the middleman in your network solutions and puts you in control. A private fiber optic network allows you to pursue solutions that are flexible, secure, and reliable - all with fixed-cost pricing. Read our white paper to learn more.

Tags : fiber optic, fiber optics, fiber optic network, dark fiber, sunesys, connectivity, wan, fiber optic cable
By: Brocade     Published Date: Sep 07, 2010

This research study investigates industry best practices for mul-site and campus-area Wireless LANs (WLANs),based on a recent survey of 163 organizations.

Tags : wlan, wireless lan, wireless network performance, wireless network security, wlan security, higher education, healthcare, network performance
By: Brocade     Published Date: Sep 07, 2010

The trend toward more collaborative and open learning environments, fueled by the explosive adoption of mobile devices among students and faculty, makes higher-education campuses fertile ground for wireless LAN technology.

Tags : brocade, wireless lan, open learning, wlan, intrusion protection system, ips, internet security, intrusion detection
By: Jonckers Translation & Engineering     Published Date: Jul 13, 2010

This case study examines Adobe's globalization efforts in transforming traditional practices to global content value chains and outlines how Adobe's been able to do it successfully.

Tags : jonckers, multilingual product content, value chain, machine translation, localization, adobe systems, global content value chain, gcvc
By: Jonckers Translation & Engineering     Published Date: Jul 13, 2010

Download our Localization Kit guide to learn best practices in localization kit development.

Tags : jonckers, localization service provider, lsp, software, graphics, documentation, action item, local area networking
By: Ruckus Wireless     Published Date: Sep 28, 2009

In this free white paper, learn how it's now possible for wireless local area networks (WLANs) to deliver predictable throughput, reject interference, and generally behave just like Ethernet. Discover how beamforming, a specialized method of antenna-based RF transmission, renders inconsistent performance stable; rejects performance-impeding interference; supports reliability-sensitive applications like real-time voice and high-definition video; and eliminates packet loss, delays, and jitter. Download your copy of this free white paper now.

Tags : wifi, wi-fi, wlan, lan, access points, radio frequency, 802.11, phy
By: Ruckus Wireless     Published Date: Sep 28, 2009

In this free white paper, discover the hidden costs of out-of-the-box Wi-Fi. Fluctuating connections can potentially cost thousands per day! Now get cost outlays for 5 vendors in 2 different scenarios; learn which 10 component(s) may avoid catastrophe; and find out when to prioritize coverage over capacity. If your business is riding on Wi-Fi, it pays to play it safe. Learn how-download your copy of this free white paper now.

Tags : ruckus, access points, wifi, wi-fi, wlan, aps, networking, wireless
By: iPass     Published Date: Sep 22, 2009

A few short years after 3G service brought us anytime, anywhere broadband-and before Apple rolled out its 3G iPhone-4G networks began raising the bar in select markets. This latest evolution in wireless networking offers faster wireless data transmission speeds, vastly superior coverage and support for a new generation of mobile applications and services.

Tags : ipass, wifi, smartphones, roaming, web portal, vpn, ethernet, connection detail records
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