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Security Management: In network management, the set of functions that protects telecommunications networks and systems from unauthorized access by persons, acts, or influences and that includes many subfunctions, such as creating, deleting, and controlling security services and mechanisms.
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By: Acquia     Published Date: Apr 16, 2015

Can you build an invincible Drupal site? The easy answer is no, but you have a few ways to prepare and secure your site to withstand any sort of vulnerability or traffic spike.

Tags : cloud security, security management, drupal site, protection, security, build an invincible drupal site, security, build secure drupal site
By: Bit9     Published Date: Apr 16, 2015

You can’t open a newspaper or visit an online news site these days without some mention of a cyber-attack or data breach. These activities are becoming more prevalent, and as a result, the reporting of these activities is also on the rise.

Tags : data breach, breach preparation, cyber attack, data security, threat detection, security, application security, hacker detection
By: Bit9     Published Date: Apr 16, 2015

With the number of advanced attacks increasing every day—most undiscovered through traditional detection and response solutions—truly hunting for threats within your environment can be a laborious task. To combat this, enterprises must focus on prioritizing endpoint data collection over detection, leveraging comprehensive threat intelligence, and expanding detection beyond the moment of compromise.

Tags : advanced threat hunting, traditional detection, endpoint data collection, threat intelligence, threat detection, access control, firewalls, hacker detection
By: Adobe     Published Date: Apr 13, 2015

The purpose of this research is to understand the challenges companies face in their document or file level security practices as a result of the adoption of such disruptive technologies as mobile devices and cloud services.

Tags : adobe, document security, cloud services, it research, global insights, security management, business intelligence, productivity
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 09, 2015

IBM offers insights to CIOs regarding key security essentials for enabling mobility and BYOD.

Tags : ibm, security, risk management, mobile device security, network security appliance, security management, vulnerability management, mobile device management
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 09, 2015

Fighting malware doesn’t have to be a losing battle. The key is to remember that the varieties of malware on the loose today mean no single method of defense will suffice. An integrated portfolio of solutions, such as those provided by IBM, can work together to enhance protection.

Tags : malware protection, ibm, network security, it security, application security, internet security, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 09, 2015

This white paper provides an overview of how cybercriminals circumvent security measures at each stage of a transaction’s lifecycle—pre-login, during login and post-login—and offers strategies to help financial organizations combat malware-driven attacks.

Tags : ibm, it security, password security, malware prevention, security infrastructure, anti spyware, anti virus, application security
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 09, 2015

IBM Security Trusteer solutions provide a layered security approach that can help overcome the pitfalls of two-factor authentication. They can help identify the root cause of malware and phishing attacks, defend against identity theft and thwart the evolving tactics of today’s fraudsters.

Tags : security, ibm, two factor identification, layered security, verification, phishing, malware, identity theft
By: Kaseya     Published Date: Mar 12, 2015

Fighting Cyber Crime with Automated, Centralized Management

Tags : cyber crime, automation management systems, network security, software applications, network infrastructure, infrastructure, network management, network performance
By: Kaseya     Published Date: Mar 12, 2015

Banks want to use technology to work smarter, better and faster to maintain regulatory compliance, reduce risk and increase productivity. Automated IT systems management is helping them reach those goals in a seamless, efficient manner.

Tags : automated management systems, software management, it automation, financial institutions, regulatory compliance, security management, software patches, audit violations
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Feb 05, 2015

This Kaspersky guide shows the benefits that only and Integrated Platform Security Solution can bring.

Tags : integrated platform security, security solution, integrated security technologies, endpoint protection platforms, epps, application security, encryption, internet security
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Feb 05, 2015

This White Paper provides information on how to ensure protection from both regular malware and sophisticated targeted attacks.

Tags : cyberthreats to ics systems, protect from malware, protect from targeted attacks, ics, it security, ensure ics security, protection measures, anti spyware
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Feb 05, 2015

The Security Technologies for Mobile and BYOD guide reveals the essential security technology options for protecting enterprise networks, systems and data.

Tags : mobile security, byod, mobile threat, malware, spyware, protection, anytime anywhere, cybercrime
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Feb 05, 2015

This paper gives information about how Automatic Exploit Prevention significantly reduces the risk of infection from widespread malware, or more targeted attacks using exploits – even when a zero-day vulnerability is used.

Tags : benefits to enterprise it security, exploit prevention, protection from exploits, software attacks, anti spam, anti spyware, anti virus, application security
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 20, 2015

Network availability and survivability in the face of an attack requires specific tools and processes. Are you using RBAC, hierarchical policy management and individual domain control? Find out which eight features you must deploy now.

Tags : network security, network management, firewall management, enterprise firewall, ngfw, next generation firewall, firewall automation, networking
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 20, 2015

The only way to be prepared is to be aware. Make sure you have the right tools for optimal situational awareness of your network security.

Tags : situation awarenss, network awareness, network security tools, essential network tools, next generation firewall, next generation firewall features, ngfw, networking
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 20, 2015

Evaluating next generation firewalls? See what SANS says about the management features and advanced security capabilities of the McAfee NGFW.

Tags : sans, ngfw, next generation firewall, firewall product review, mcafee next generation firewall, networking, firewalls, internet security
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 20, 2015

The exact number of AETs is unknown, but there may be hundreds of millions. To defend against AETs, your network security should incorporate seven critical features into your next gen firewall. Get this free report today.

Tags : advanced evasion techniques, aets, next gen firewall, ngfw, data normalization, deep packet inspection, full stack inspection, apt
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: May 20, 2014

You want to maximize the potential offered by new technologies and establish an advantage over your competitors, but you know the latest IT developments can also bring new security challenges. This practical guide helps you align essential IT security with your core business objectives

Tags : kaspersky, security, business security, hackers, antispam, malware, network security, mobile security
By: MaaS360 by Fiberlink     Published Date: Apr 16, 2015

Android: With each new confectionary code name, Google’s mobile OS makes new strides to remain flexible while making a shell so hard hackers will crack their teeth biting in.

Tags : fiberlink, android, mobile users, strategy, app enabled, scalability, security, device management
By: Citrix Systems     Published Date: Apr 15, 2015

IT professionals are rethinking remote access strategies to enable a mobile workforce. Whether they are in the office or on the road, people need secure remote access that’s simple to use, so they can be productive from anywhere. Empower your mobile workers with the right level of access to Windows® apps and data, using a solution that IT can trust. Used by more than 100 million people worldwide in organizations of all sizes, Citrix XenApp is the proven solution for secure remote access.

Tags : citrix, desktop virtualization, efficiency, virtualization, mobile computing, security, compliance, application security
By: Seagate Technology     Published Date: Apr 14, 2015

Upgrading security systems to meet both current and future needs is no small feat. So when a Texas-based surveillance system integrator began work with a large national nonprofit foundation on its 20,000 square foot park-like property, existing infrastructure and future system deployment were primary considerations. With the objective to update the nonprofit’s Virtual Management Software (VMS) while leveraging existing analog and IP cameras, the system integrator needed a cost-effective solution to meet their current needs with the ability to scale for rapid growth. Download this case study to learn more about how the system integrator engaged with NUUO, a leading NVR and VMS manufacturer known for seamless integration of 3rd party cameras to build a customized system that would suit the nonprofit’s needs.

Tags : surveillance, security system, virtual management software, cameras, network performance management, intrusion prevention, network security appliance, security management
By: Macquarie Telecom     Published Date: Mar 30, 2015

This Guide will help companies to improve the effectiveness of their existing strategy or are looking to make their first move into the cloud.

Tags : virtualisation, cloud computing, softward defined datacentres, software define networking, hybrid cloud, hybrid, cloud, cloud solutions
By: Macquarie Telecom     Published Date: Mar 30, 2015

This paper will help you choose the right cloud provider, optimise your security and deploy the solution.

Tags : virtualisation, cloud computing, softward defined datacentres, software define networking, hybrid cloud, hybrid, cloud, cloud solutions
By: Macquarie Telecom     Published Date: Mar 30, 2015

This guide will help you understand what a disaster recovery plan is and how to effectively implement one for your business.

Tags : disaster recovery, risk reduction, disaster recovery plan, drp, how to create an effective drp, application security, security management, business management
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