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Identity Management (IdM) has developed several interpretations in the IT industry and is now associated as the management of a user's credentials and how they might log onto an online system. The focus on identity management goes back to the development of directories such as X.500 where a namespace is used to hold named objects that represent real life "identified" entities such as countries, organizations, applications, subscribers and devices.
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By: TigerText     Published Date: Aug 30, 2015

Download this Healthcare Informatics e-book for a comprehensive understanding of the BYOD policy, the challenges faced, and the impact it could have on the industry.

Tags : tigertext, tiger text, byod, hippa compliance, patient data, secure data, records management, hacker detection
By: Adobe     Published Date: Aug 04, 2015

This white paper explores how cloud-based e-signature technology can drastically reduce the time it takes to complete deal making process and at the same time improve customer satisfaction, document security, and more.

Tags : esign, e-signatures, online signatures, digital signatures for sales, sales, clous computing, document security, signed documents
By: Adobe     Published Date: Aug 04, 2015

Learn how e-signatures remove the last barrier between a hybrid paper to digital workflow to an all-electronic process, dramatically accelerating closure in any type of transaction that requires a contract.

Tags : electronic signatures, digital signatures, paper to digital, business intelligence, database, e-signatures, online signatures, authentication
By: Adobe     Published Date: Aug 04, 2015

Learn how technologies like e-signatures and document management are drastically improving HR processes.

Tags : e-signatures, electronic signatures, digital signatures, document management, improving hr with digital signatures, human resources, authentication, identity management
By: Adobe     Published Date: Aug 04, 2015

This white paper shows how IT departments can help the business implement a solution that integrates with existing business applications and transforms procurement into a fast, agile process—all in a trusted environment.

Tags : e-signatures, digital signatures, electronic signatures, e-signatures solution, e-signatures and procurement, authentication, identity management, content management system
By: Vectra Networks     Published Date: Aug 03, 2015

Protect prominent securities.

Tags : firewall, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, ips, ids, advanced persistent threat, apt, identity management
By: Vectra Networks     Published Date: Aug 03, 2015

The Dyre family of banking malware is back in the news after researchers recently observed that the malware incorporated tricks to avoid detection in malware sandboxes. Previously, Dyre was most notable for targeting high value bank accounts, including business accounts, and incorporating sophisticated social engineering components to overcome the 2-factor authentication used by most banks.

Tags : malware, data, malware, banking, malware sandbox, authentication, two-factor authentication, identity management
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 31, 2015

New endpoint solution.

Tags : hacker detection, identity management, intrusion detection
By: Venafi     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015

Learn how security professionals responded about the risk and impact to enterprises from attacks on keys and certificates.

Tags : cybersecurity, keys, certificates, cyber attacks, server certificate misuse, code-signing certificate misuse, ssh key misuse, cryptographic misuse
By: Entrust PKI     Published Date: Jul 21, 2015

Entrust offers software authentication platforms that strengthen security in a wide range of identity and transaction ecosystems.

Tags : internet of things, authentication, security, identity, safety, technology, security technology, security infrastructure
By: CDW     Published Date: Jul 08, 2015

Data leakage prevention systems get new respect thanks to technical advancements and new implementation best practices.

Tags : dlp, data loss, security, best practices, access control, authentication, identity management, security management
By: Kaseya     Published Date: May 13, 2015

To win the ongoing war against hackers and cyber criminals, IT professionals must do two things: Deploy and maintain endpoint security tools with the latest updates, and ensure the software applications running in their networks have the latest available patches.

Tags : kaseya, hybrid, cloud, management, msp, mobile, big data, security
By: Okta     Published Date: Feb 24, 2015

Microsoft made a massive push to the cloud in 2014, and as a result Office 365 is taking off. We’re seeing it in how Okta customers are using Okta to connect to Office 365 in increasing numbers. This eGuide provides some data from the Okta Application Network on the trends we are seeing around Office 365. It also describes the most important things to consider for Identity and Mobility Management during deployment. Office 365 is unlike any other cloud app in it’s complexity, and it is best for IT to plan and deploy solutions around Identity and Mobility Management in concert with their Office 365 roll-out to get maximum user adoption.

Tags : identity and mobility management, office 365, cloud, maximum user adoption, identity management
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 15, 2015

How IT leaders conduct vulnerability assessments, and implement proactive strategies to protect their data.

Tags : database vulnerability, proactive strategies, data protection, compliance, data breach, data security, risk reduction, application security
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 15, 2015

This ebook outlines four steps to develop a proactive approach to data security and privacy that will help you keep big data safe

Tags : big data security, data privacy, data protection, sensitive data, data risk management, vulnerability management, ibm solutions, data breaches
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 15, 2015

How to create proactive big data security and privacy strategies

Tags : data security, compliance, data protection, data privacy, safeguarding information, database protection, enterprise risk management, vulnerability detection
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 15, 2015

This whitepaper is about protecting data, enabling mobility and empowering users; unified endpoint management.

Tags : data protection, mobility, endpoint management, governance policies, consumerization, byod, security platforms, enterprise mobility
By: IBM     Published Date: Jun 16, 2015

Read the white paper to learn how to put a plan in place for full functional validation, and get details on the importance of validating resiliency in a live environment; learn why small-scale recovery “simulations” are inadequate and misleading.

Tags : enterprise, cloud computing, data centers, cloud-based solutions, it solutions, it functionality, storage architecture, effective resiliency programs
By: Acronis EMEA     Published Date: May 19, 2015

The Morse Group is now comprised of a strong network of member companies with more than $150 million in annual sales that deliver services in the electrical, energy and construction markets.

Tags : mobility, acronis access solution, increase your competitiveness, mobilised workforce, improving productivity, acronis access, secure competitive, mobile device
By: Acronis EMEA     Published Date: May 18, 2015

Download this datasheet to discover the main benefits of Acronis Access Advanced.

Tags : acronis, acronis access advanced, secure mobile access, security, content security, devices, secure access, share content
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 09, 2015

IBM Security Trusteer solutions provide a layered security approach that can help overcome the pitfalls of two-factor authentication. They can help identify the root cause of malware and phishing attacks, defend against identity theft and thwart the evolving tactics of today’s fraudsters.

Tags : security, ibm, two factor identification, layered security, verification, phishing, malware, identity theft
By: Internap     Published Date: Mar 30, 2015

How do you determine the right colocation provider for your business? Colocation can offer many cost-efficient benefits, including scalability, improved business continuity, security and compliance.

Tags : business continuity, security, scalability, data center, connectivity, access control, identity management, internet security
By: Okta     Published Date: Feb 24, 2015

Gartner recently released the Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) and has named Okta a leader in the space. This Magic Quadrant evaluates vendors on their abilities to be global, general purpose identity and access management (IAM) service providers for multiple use cases.

Tags : identity and access management, idaas, service providers, multiple use, vendor evaluation, identity management
By: Okta     Published Date: Feb 24, 2015

This report outlines the future look of Forrester’s solution for security and risk (S&R) executives working on building an identity and access management strategy for the extended enterprise. We designed this report to help you understand and navigate the major business and IT trends affecting identity and access management (IAM) during the next five years. IAM in 2015 has become a tool not just for security but also for business agility. Competitive challenges push businesses into the cloud and encourage mobile device use even without full-fledged access controls in place.

Tags : identity and access management, security and risk, extended enterprise, it trends, business agility, identity management
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