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Application Security encompasses measures taken to prevent exceptions in the security policy of an application or the underlying system (vulnerabilities) through flaws in the design, development, or deployment of the application.
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By: Citrix Systems     Published Date: Jul 17, 2015

Why app and desktop virtualization should be the foundation for your layered approach.

Tags : information security, layered approach, mobility, application, desktop virtualization, application security, compliance, application integration
By: Citrix Systems     Published Date: Jul 17, 2015

Adoption of mobile devices continues to expand.

Tags : windows, applications, platform, security, performance, application security, business intelligence, employee performance
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 15, 2015

How IT leaders conduct vulnerability assessments, and implement proactive strategies to protect their data.

Tags : database vulnerability, proactive strategies, data protection, compliance, data breach, data security, risk reduction, application security
By: VMware, Inc.     Published Date: Jul 10, 2015

Understand that hybrid cloud can provide the best.

Tags : disaster recovery, applications, development, testing, cloud, application security, application integration, cloud computing
By: VMware, Inc.     Published Date: Jul 10, 2015

Forge Ahead with Hybrid Cloud Plans

Tags : applications, systems integration, cloud, development, application security, productivity, cloud computing, infrastructure
By: VMware, Inc.     Published Date: Jul 10, 2015

Evaluating hybrid cloud for workloads.

Tags : reliability, application, security, compliance, application, application security, high availability, application integration
By: CDW     Published Date: Jul 08, 2015

It’s official — BYOD is here, and there’s no turning back. Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives employees the freedom to connect whenever, wherever for increased productivity and a better work-life balance. But every smartphone, tablet and notebook is a potential gateway for unauthorized applications, malware and other security threats.

Tags : security, vulnerability management, analytics, mobile security, byod, mdm, application security, policy based management
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 07, 2015

This infographic succinctly explains the value of our Mobile Platform for key stakeholders -- developers, IT managers, app owners and users, and CISOs. It also charts our four capabilities and the modular services aligned to them.

Tags : ibm, developer, app, platform, it manager, ciso, integration, support
By: Mimecast     Published Date: Jun 22, 2015

Download this whitepaper today and take a good hard look at one of the biggest threats companies are facing – without preparation your company could be next.

Tags : spear-phising, cyber attacks, cyber threats, network security, company security, application security, business continuity, disaster recovery
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 31, 2015

Danger of the web.

Tags : application security, hacker detection, internet security, productivity
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 31, 2015

Security management for mainframe clouds.

Tags : application security, compliance, internet security, security management
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 31, 2015

Guide to security intelligence.

Tags : security, data, application security, business continuity, compliance, infrastructure
By: Venafi     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015

Learn how security professionals responded about the risk and impact to enterprises from attacks on keys and certificates.

Tags : cybersecurity, keys, certificates, cyber attacks, server certificate misuse, code-signing certificate misuse, ssh key misuse, cryptographic misuse
By: Venafi     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015

See how APT 18 conducted its proof-of-concept attack, learn how attackers bypassed critical security controls and find out how you can eliminate blind spots, reduce risk, and respond and remediate faster.

Tags : security controls, key misuse, certificate misuse, security management, breach prevention, risk reduction, blind spots, exfiltrating data
By: Venafi     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015

To learn how, Raxis reconstructed a real-world attack that targeted and compromised a global bank, using technologies and methods that could be used to breach many organizations today.

Tags : cybersecurity, breach prevention, penetration testing, next generation trust protection, cyber attacks, it security, cryptographic keys, digital certificates
By: Venafi     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015

Read this important brief to learn how to maintain your cybersecurity and reduce risk.

Tags : sans, security controls, control requirements, cybersecurity, risk reduction, cryptographic devices, pki, data protection
By: Venafi     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015

Read the solution brief to close SSH security gaps and protect your business.

Tags : ssh security gaps, business protection, cybersecurity, cryptographic security, data protection, security controls, ssh key usage, ssh keys management
By: Venafi     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015

Read this solution brief to learn how Security Operations teams can eliminate outages.

Tags : outages, expired digital certificates, security risk reduction, cybersecurity, cyberattacks, data protection, ssl, tls
By: Bit9     Published Date: Jul 09, 2015

Read this paper to understand how proactive endpoint security will help you detect and prevent the advanced attacks facing your organization, and to respond in real-time should a breach occur.

Tags : security, applications, data, control, tools, information, application security, security management
By: Bit9     Published Date: Jul 09, 2015

While Windows Server 2003 support will end in July, 2015, many healthcare organizations will have yet to upgrade to a newer version of the operating system. How can you continue run Windows Server 2003 while keeping patient data safe and compliant? Download this eBook to find out.

Tags : server, data, application, hardware, control, security, application security, hacker detection
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 29, 2015

Ron the CIO challenges IT operations to cut 70% off of the application deployment schedule. Are his application, security, and network teams up to the task? How can SDN in the data center provide a powerful answer?

Tags : cisco, cisco aci, technology, security, data center, apic, security data, cio
By: CDW     Published Date: Jun 26, 2015

Learn how software asset management can play the crucial role of cataloging and managing the myriad of software elements that could possibly pose a threat to network security at your enterprise.

Tags : software asset management, network security, licensing, cloud-based apps, licensing security, security management strategies, application security, security management
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