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Application Security encompasses measures taken to prevent exceptions in the security policy of an application or the underlying system (vulnerabilities) through flaws in the design, development, or deployment of the application.
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By: Turn     Published Date: Mar 27, 2014

In this study from Forbes Insights and Turn, learn what privacy means to marketers and consumers.

Tags : turn, forbes insights, privacy, big data, marketing, advertising, marketing solutions, security
By: OutSystems     Published Date: Mar 18, 2014

This paper explores why PaaS has suddenly become relevant and irresistible to many organizations. It dives into the opportunities and considerations associated with using PaaS from an application development and deployment perspective, as well as the ways PaaS can help enhance developer productivity.

Tags : outsystems, paas, business it, cloud, cloud computing, iaas, saas, application security
By: Global Knowledge     Published Date: Feb 14, 2014

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers increased agility, developer productivity, pay-as-you-go pricing, and overall cost savings. Learn what you need to know and where to start before launching an AWS-hosted service.

Tags : global knowledge, speed aws, aws deployment, amazon web service, developer productivity, cloudformation, aws resources, collaboration engines
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Feb 14, 2014

Inside you'll find survey analysis, discover trends, and learn more about what you need to know when it comes to security management.

Tags : kaspersky, security, security management, byod, network security, application security, security policies
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Feb 14, 2014

Even if you have adequate antivirus protection, are there still holes in your IT security armor? Is lack of bandwidth to manage the growing list of threats, endpoints, and security systems making your organization vulnerable?

Tags : cybersecurity, hackers, data protection, secure networks, antivirus, virus, firewall, anti spam
By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Jan 03, 2014

Today, the expanding boundaries of computing make it imperative for IT to ensure responsive systems. As a result, a confluence of technological advances has shifted the dynamics of application performance, putting a greater pressure on IT to improve application performance. Download this whitepaper to learn about new technologies that are in the marketplace that will help your business tackle this new demand.

Tags : cloud, mobility, productivity, application, application performance, networking speed, cloud computing, productivty
By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Jan 03, 2014

Today, the shift to a cloud-based enterprise IT architecture is a foregone conclusion for a variety of organizations. As a result, cloud-based security has become a top priority. Read this whitepaper to learn about the challenges of cloud-based security and identity and access management as well as how your business can overcome these challenges with best-in-class solutions.

Tags : idc, cloud, cloud federation, identity and access management, iam, security, silos, deployment
By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Jan 03, 2014

In today's cloud-based, mobile IT world, the need for security is rapidly growing. As enterprises continue to depend on the cloud for delivery of applications and more workers are using multiple types of devices to access those applications, the need to control who has access to what is also growing. This Technology Spotlight discusses the challenges of cloud identity access management and provides guidance on which IAM architectural solutions would benefit your business.

Tags : security, cloud, application delivery, authentication, access control, application security, silos, password fatigue
By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Jan 03, 2014

Turning on firewall features can sometimes result in a significant performance hit, creating an obstacle for network architects. In this Network World Clear Choice test, learn about a firewall solution that can help your business overcome these performance challenges by maxing our network capacity while also offering filtering and attack protection capabilities.

Tags : network world, data center, firewall, load balancer, scalability, data center management, dos protection, security
By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Oct 31, 2013

Distributed denial-of-service attacks may be organized by type into a taxonomy that includes network attacks (layers 3 and 4), session attacks (layers 5 and 6), application attacks (layer 7), and business logic attacks. Each type may be matched with the best F5 technology for mitigating that attack. This paper explains how taken together, the F5 BIG-IP portfolio of products provides effective anti-attack technology for each layer of the taxonomy and can also defend against specific attack tools, network reconnaissance, and low-bandwidth asymmetric attacks.

Tags : distributed denial of service, ddos, mitigation, f5 technology, taxonomy, network attacks, session attacks, application attacks
By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Oct 31, 2013

This white paper examines the DDoS threat spectrum including conventional network attacks, HTTP and SSL floods, and an emerging wave of low-bandwidth threats, plus the new threat vectors likely to target emerging service platforms.

Tags : distributed denial of service, ddos, ddos threat spectrum, network attacks, conventional network attacks, http floods, ssl floods, low bandwith threats
By: F5 Networks Inc     Published Date: Oct 31, 2013

This whitepaper utilizes end-user interviews to better understand their DDoS defense plans, where they discovered a clear knowledge gap around the Denial of Service attacks in use and the defenses needed to maintain availability. The paper provides detail on the attacks in use, suggests realistic defensive architectures and tactics and explains the basic process required to have a chance of defending against a DDoS attack.

Tags : denial of service, distributed denial of service, ddos, ddos attacks, denial of service attacks, security, availability, defensive
By: Rapid7     Published Date: Mar 19, 2014

In this guide, penetration testers will learn how to evade anti-virus detection on target machines for your Metasploit pen tests. This guide will be most useful to readers who already have some penetration testing experience and are familiar with Metasploit Pro.

Tags : rapid7, security, anti virus, virus protection, antivirus, spam, hackers, internet security
By: Logicalis     Published Date: Mar 07, 2014

Learn the top trends and concerns for choosing the right infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider.

Tags : logicallis, iaas, security, compliance, cloud, cloud security alliance board, infrastructure, application security
By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 27, 2014

Learn how to protect your organization from the most sophisticated attacks and make sure your implementing the right security measures for your business.

Tags : attacks, sophisticated attacks, security, security incident, data, network, corporate brand, ibm
By: Symantec Corporation     Published Date: Feb 25, 2014

The efficacy of code signing as an authentication mechanism for software depends on the secure storage of code signing private keys used by software publishers. Companies that are diligent and willing to invest in the appropriate security measures can make the compromise of their private keys highly unlikely. This white paper describes recent security breaches and why they may have happened, along with best practices, especially for the Windows platform, which can help to safeguard the private keys associated with code signing certificates.

Tags : symantec, stuxnet, cyber-attack, security, certificate authority, application security, security policies
By: Symantec Corporation     Published Date: Feb 25, 2014

"For years, developers have known that one of the best ways to reassure users is by signing code using a digital signature accessed via a private key issued by a respected certificate authority. But signed code is not invulnerable. Due to lax key security and vetting processes, malware has managed to infiltrate applications with signed code. Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates help to halt malware infiltration by requiring a rigorous vetting process and helping ensure that private key security cannot be compromised. EV certificates require a hard token and associated PIN in order to sign code, introducing a more secure physical factor of authentication to the signing process. The EV Code Signing process provides browsers, operating systems, and security software an additional source of confidence in applications signed with an EV certificate. Read the white paper, Protect Your Applications—and Reputation—with Symantec EV Code Signing, to learn: • Key background on the latest malware threats • How you can provide users with reassurance that your application is safe to download • Why EV Code Signing Certificates represent the next step in advanced website security and their effectiveness • How you can help provide a frictionless experience when users attempt to download your application "

Tags : symantec, malware, applications, security, code signing, application security, security policies
By: Symantec Corporation     Published Date: Feb 25, 2014

Android is on the rise. Unfortunately, popularity can also bring unwanted attention. While Android fans love the fact that it is an open development platform that offers developers the ability to build extremely rich and innovative applications, the same open nature of the Android platform is what makes it so attractive to malware creators. It’s high time for Android developers to increase their awareness of the pitfalls awaiting their users. This white paper focuses on the value of secure code signing practices for building more secure Android apps.

Tags : android, malware, android apps, secure code signing, symantec, application security, security policies, mobile device management
By: McAfee, Inc.     Published Date: Feb 17, 2014

Learn about the weak points in current network security devices and disover the solution in protecting against against advanced hacking methods

Tags : cyber security, advanced evasion, aets, security, network security, firewall, cyber attack, anti spyware
By: Mashery     Published Date: Feb 06, 2014

Enterprise IT faces a new kind of tension: the API economy on the one hand, where enterprises drive new revenue streams by (gulp) publishing corporate data APIs for third-party developers to use, and SOA on the other, where tight governance is the name of the game. But the loose coupling in RESTful web services forces a discipline all its own.

Tags : mashery, apis, soa, api strategy, define goals, iterating, it management, data and content
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 28, 2014

SANS Institute looks at how network attacks can be avoided by utilizing a SIEM platform that combines historical data with real-time data from network sources and security policies for better, more accurate reporting.

Tags : siem, sans, endpoint, network, correlation, integration, anti spyware, anti virus
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 28, 2014

NSS Labs provides overall exploit protection rates for 11 popular enterprise Endpoint Protection Products.

Tags : epp, endpoint, protection, threats, malware, nss, anti spam, anti spyware
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 28, 2014

AV-TEST preforms a comparative review of McAfee, Microsoft, and Symantec endpoint protection to pro-actively protect against zero-day attacks.

Tags : av-test, deep defender, rootkits, detection, anti spam, anti spyware, anti virus, application security
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 28, 2014

Modern malware defenses use layers of blacklisting and whitelisting, enhanced with real-time analysis and reputation data, to protect the endpoint computing stack.

Tags : blacklisting, whitelisting, malware, endpoint, mcafee global threat intelligence, epolicy orchestrator, byod, anti spam
By: McAfee     Published Date: Jan 22, 2014

Leading analyst firm Gartner has positioned McAfee as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms for six consecutive years.

Tags : mcafee, gartner, endpoint protection, network security, application security, email security, hacker detection, intrusion prevention
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