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Network Management is the execution of the set of functions required for controlling, planning, allocating, deploying, coordinating, and monitoring the resources of a network.
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By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 31, 2015

Market trends and vendor evaluation criteria.

Tags : security, data, event management, infrastructure, network management, application integration, business intelligence, productivity
By: Tenable Network Security     Published Date: Jul 23, 2015

Download this white paper to learn how continuous asset discovery gives risk and security management insight into their network so they can direct security and operations staff to take the corrective action needed to reduce risk to meet the expectations of executive management.

Tags : risk management, cybersecurity, asset visibility, active scanning, risk blind spot, log analysis, network security, security management
By: BitSight Technologies     Published Date: Jul 23, 2015

Since Vendor Security Risk Management is a relatively new field, there are plenty of intricacies to come to terms with. To help your introduction to VRM go a little more smoothly, we have compiled a list of FAQs and tips to get you started.

Tags : vendor risk management, vrm, risk management program, penetration tests, risk management strategy, security requirements, compliance, data security standards
By: CommVault     Published Date: Jun 10, 2015

If you are unsure if your current email archiving strategy is ready to meet the changing demands of your business, consider these seven warning signs.

Tags : productivity, storage, data, cloud, retention, network management, application integration, business intelligence
By: Kaseya     Published Date: May 13, 2015

To get the most out of their computer automation initiatives, healthcare organizations must take a step back, assess their current IT environments, adjust as needed and make important decisions regarding the future of their IT infrastructures.

Tags : kaseya, hybrid, cloud, management, msp, mobile, big data, network management
By: Kaseya     Published Date: May 13, 2015

While seemingly counter intuitive, organizations can actually create IT efficiencies without having to cut service levels by adopting a systems management strategy that embraces the concept of “Discover, Manage, Automate and Validate.”

Tags : kaseya, hybrid, cloud, management, msp, mobile, big data, network management
By: Kaseya     Published Date: May 13, 2015

At the same time that organizations are moving many of their IT assets to the cloud, the problem of how to manage all of an organization’s IT assets has, in many ways, become more complex.

Tags : kaseya, hybrid, cloud, management, msp, mobile, big data, network architecture
By: Kaseya     Published Date: May 13, 2015

Healthcare systems are inherently distributed across large campus environments, making regular IT systems management complex and time consuming. The risks of irregular maintenance and non-compliance of IT and security policies are not only measured in dollars lost but in lives saved.

Tags : network management, network performance, service management
By: Kaseya     Published Date: May 13, 2015

This white paper describes the key characteristics of the changing environment and it identifies a new choice that IT managers have for meeting the growing set of management challenges.

Tags : kaseya, hybrid, cloud, management, msp, mobile, big data, infrastructure
By: Comcast Business     Published Date: Mar 24, 2015

Interconnecting three or more sites across a metro or wide area network has traditionally been accomplished via a hub and spoke network topology using Private Lines, Frame Relay or IP VPNs over the Internet. Ethernet services support hub and spoke topologies but also support an “any-to-any” network topology similar to a LAN but delivered over a wide area. This latter capability is unique to Ethernet services and cannot be cost effectively delivered using legacy point-to-point technologies such as Frame Relay or IP VPNs. This paper discusses two options for multi-site connectivity using Ethernet services. One option discusses the classical hub and spoke topology using Ethernet Virtual Private Lines (EVPL). The other option discusses the “any-to-any” topology using an Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) service. Through examples, the paper illustrates the capabilities of the two approaches and their benefits.

Tags : multi-site connectivity, ethernet, security, ip transparency, performance, ep-lan, evpl, bandwidth management
By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Jul 18, 2014

This report will explore some of the support services issues, and how support organizations can make the shift needed to meet their customers' needs.

Tags : logmein rescue, support services, customer support, reoporting, system management, network management, network performance management, mobile computing
By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Jul 18, 2014

A Nucleus Research guidebook to LogMeIn Rescue

Tags : logmein rescue, rescue guidebook, saas, management tools, remote control, network management, mobile computing, customer relationship management
By: Platfora     Published Date: Aug 03, 2015

A survey of more than 395 C-level executives, sponsored by Platfora, shows that senior leaders are optimistic about the capabilities of big data, but many still struggle with big data applications.

Tags : platfora, big data, hadoop, data center, big data analytics, network management, servers, blade servers
By: Aerohive     Published Date: Aug 03, 2015

Dieses Whitepaper dient als Leitfaden und erläutert die nötigen Anforderungen an Konnektivität und Produktivität, um Ihr Netzwerk auf die Mobilitätswelle vorzubereiten.

Tags : mobility, mobility technology, wireless. connectivity, network, security, byod, network architecture, network management
By: Aerohive     Published Date: Aug 03, 2015

This paper looks at how this mentality requires IT operations to architect an access network specifically with "mobile first" in mind.

Tags : mobility, mobility technology, wireless. connectivity, network, mobility first, it operations, network architecture, network management
By: EMC     Published Date: Aug 03, 2015

High performance and high ROI.

Tags : performance, roi, global application, network management, network performance, security management, employee performance, productivity
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 15, 2015

In this report, EMA highlights specific examples of the ways in which these converged security systems put today’s more advanced capabilities to work in practical application.

Tags : network management, network security, enterprise management, security technology, converged security systems, application protocols, network architecture, compliance
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 29, 2015

Ron the CIO challenges IT operations to cut 70% off of the application deployment schedule. Are his application, security, and network teams up to the task? How can SDN in the data center provide a powerful answer?

Tags : cisco, cisco aci, technology, security, data center, apic, security data, cio
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 29, 2015

Ron the CIO is getting complaints about slow application response time during peak ordering season. Is the problem with the application or in the SDN infrastructure?

Tags : cisco, cisco aci, technology, security, data center, apic, security data, cio
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 25, 2015

This paper will help you get started with Software Defined Architecture in Several ways, depending on where you are in your journey.

Tags : sdn, cisco, cisco aci, software defined architecture, automation, networks, servers, security
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 25, 2015

55% of Gartner customers are thinking about deploying SDN, while 23% are still unfamiliar with SDN.

Tags : sdn, network, data center, software defined networking, empowering the network, network architecture, network management, network performance management
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 25, 2015

This paper shows how Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) automates IT tasks and accelerates data center application deployments to dramatically reduce TCO.

Tags : cisco services, cisco, aci, application centric infrastructure, cisco, cisco nexus 900, network, data center
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 24, 2015

The SDN controller for the ACI fabric, has been selected as Best Interop 2015 Finalists in Software Defined Networking (SDN) category.

Tags : cisco, cisco apic, software defined networking, sdn, sdn controller, unified, apis, data center
By: Aerohive     Published Date: Jun 15, 2015

Ce document fournit des détails sur la mise en réseau dans le cloud, l’état du marché du cloud et ses avantages.

Tags : networks, cloud, cloud networking, network infrastructures, networking, network architecture, network management, wireless infrastructure
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