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By: Citrix GoToMeeting     Published Date: May 20, 2015

This eBook describes formal meeting follow-up and why you need it, and provide a practical template that’s ready to use.

Tags : meeting, formal meeting, formal meeting requirements, meeting template, way to perfect meeting follow-up, how to ensure your meetings, get good results from meetings, template for formal meetings
By: Aerohive     Published Date: May 13, 2015

A paper on enabling cloud networking to lower IT costs & boost IT productivity.

Tags : benefits of cloud networking, advantages of cloud networking, cloud, networking, cloud networking, aerohive networks, hivemanager, cloud computing
By: Kaseya     Published Date: May 13, 2015

At the same time that organizations are moving many of their IT assets to the cloud, the problem of how to manage all of an organization’s IT assets has, in many ways, become more complex.

Tags : kaseya, hybrid, cloud, management, msp, mobile, big data, network architecture
By: Box     Published Date: May 11, 2015

This infographic provides information on how more enterprises are applying mobile to core processes, making customer support, sales operations, and everyday tasks more effective.

Tags : mobile, mobility, mobile content management, apply mobile to core processes, share content, access to data, byod, mobile
By: Box     Published Date: May 11, 2015

This paper illustrates the benefits of using box for mobile for your business.

Tags : mobility, mobile, box, box for mobile, content, mobile apps, mobile productivity, mobile security
By: Box     Published Date: May 11, 2015

This paper reveals the benefits of Box as a Mobile platform.

Tags : mobility, mobile, box, box for mobile, content, mobile apps, mobile productivity, mobile security
By: Box     Published Date: May 11, 2015

This paper provides information on mobile content management and evaluates 19 major MCM providers.

Tags : mobile content management, mcm, mcm providers, mobility, content management, cloud, mobile devices, security content
By: Dropbox for Business     Published Date: May 07, 2015

Discusses the challenges organizations face when evaluating Enterprise File Sync and Share solutions

Tags : efss, accessibility, cloud storage, content management, mobility, virtualization, storage management, storage virtualization
By: Document Cloud for Enterprise     Published Date: Apr 23, 2015

This white paper provides information on the Adobe Extended Service customer care and the advantages of using it for achieving business success.

Tags : esign, adobe extended service offering, adobe document cloud esign, digital sign, adobe solution, e-signatures, customer engagement, customer care
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 15, 2015

Web content management is no longer simply a tool for creating Web pages — it's now vital software for increasing the effectiveness of digital strategies. IT leaders responsible for WCM should consider the software's functions in the broader context in which they will deliver their full value.

Tags : content creation, interoperability, web content management, digital strategy, value added, infrastructure, internetworking hardware, quality of service
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 15, 2015

Performance Bicycle created an interactive Learning Center seamlessly linked to its e-commerce site. By leading engaged, inspired visitors to the e-commerce site, the company boosts conversion, drives online sales and supports its growth objective.

Tags : e-commerce, content management, conversion, quality of service, sales & marketing software, sales automation, content integration, customer experience management
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 15, 2015

IBM WebSphere Portal software helps bank offer a clearly differentiated digital experience.

Tags : ibm, portal, customer experience, web experience, sales, monitoring, quality of service, customer interaction service
By: Adobe     Published Date: Feb 03, 2015

This White Paper provides information on new trends and key findings of Digital Publication Platforms.

Tags : digital publication platform, content marketing, customer relationship management, customer satisfaction, content delivery, content management
By: Aternity     Published Date: May 19, 2015

Read this new whitepaper to navigate through the End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) landscape. Learn how traditional APM and device monitoring products provide some aspects of End User Experience Monitoring.

Tags : enterprise mobility, enterprise mobility management, application performance analytics, application performance monitoring, desktop management, desktop monitoring, end user experience, end user experience monitoring
By: Samsung     Published Date: Dec 11, 2014

This White Paper explores how the proliferation of smartphones and tablets (the global installed base of smartphones alone is set to hit 3 billion devices by 2017) has led consumers to adopt new behaviours, and develop expectations around what experiences mobile computing can offer.

Tags : mobile computing, cloud computing, network performance, security management, mobile workers, smart phones, database security, content integration
By: Ipswitch     Published Date: Dec 01, 2014

It’s easy to understand why many organizations are confused about the need for a Managed File Transfer (MFT) system. There are a lot of different products in the market, file transfer product functionality is not clearly defined and often overlaps with other solutions, “MFT” is not fully understood, and there are a lot of mixed messages in the marketplace.

Tags : ipswitch, lendingtools, streamlines, file trasnfer, flexibility, moveit, transfer scripts, streamlined solution
By: Box     Published Date: Nov 09, 2014

Read how some of the nation’s most progressive corporations are meeting the many needs of their mobile workers — without overwhelming their IT departments — with the help of Box.

Tags : box, file sharing, mobile workers, mobile phones, smartphones, collaboration, storage, remote access
By: Box     Published Date: Nov 09, 2014

Box recommends this report for any growing business or company considering an investment in enterprise content collaboration and cloud file sharing. Both let users access important content simply and securely, on any device: desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Tags : box, file sharing, content sharing, mobile workers, collaboration, cloud file sharing, network architecture, remote access
By: Box     Published Date: Nov 09, 2014

Join guest speakers Rob Koplowitz, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Ted Schadler, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Whitney Bouck, SVP & GM of Enterprise at Box, for a complimentary webinar that will help you create a 3-step plan to select the right vendor for your business needs

Tags : box, content file sharing, collaboration, content sharing, mobile workforce, cloud computing, cloud storage, infrastructure
By: HP     Published Date: Nov 05, 2014

Learn about the 5 considerations that will change your perspective on the Windows Server 2003 migration initiative. Download this whitepaper now.

Tags : migrating, windows server, microsoft, cloud computing, computing services, it management, change management, migration strategy
By: Verint     Published Date: Oct 07, 2014

Quality assurance remains an essential and mission-critical business function that must be done on a consistent basis. Speech and text analytics alters and enhances the process by giving companies a way to review as much as 100% of their interactions on a timely and consistent basis. Now that there is a more scientific, accurate and cost-effective way to do QA, it’s time for companies to update and invest in these programs with new technologies and best practices.

Tags : analytic, assurance, power, harnessing, improve, quality, business, interaction
By: Verint     Published Date: Oct 07, 2014

For nearly 30 years, contact center quality monitoring has been an established process, performed essentially the same way by many—if not most—organizations. But much has changed in three decades. Today’s customers have become the final arbiters of what constitutes quality by virtue of the collective power of social media, and traditional quality metrics may no longer align with what consumers actually want or expect. What challenges does this pose to traditional quality monitoring programs? And how can contact centers evolve their quality monitoring and assurance processes to meet these new challenges?

Tags : quality, next steps, management, decade, customers, challenges, monitoring, assurance
By: Foxit     Published Date: Jun 30, 2014

This whitepaper explains how Foxit is helping organizations standardize a PDF vendor which enhances user productivity and improves procurement efficiency.

Tags : foxit, pdf, pdf vendor, mobile pdf, file sharing, records management, rights management, pdf reader
By: Hippo     Published Date: Jun 24, 2014

A Forrester report on the market overview of web content management systems.

Tags : hippo, web content management systems, forrester, market overview, wcm market, content management system, content management
By: Symantec     Published Date: May 02, 2014

How are savvy CIO's conquering these types of challenges? Find out how in this white paper by vExpert, David Davis

Tags : symantec, virtual machine backup, backup safety, backup and recovery, server management, power and cooling, data protection, loss data
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