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By:     Published Date: Jul 15, 2015

The overwhelming success of’s AppExchange Marketplace has also made it more difficult for partners trying to gain visibility in their respective categories. Now you can make your case directly to the readers of CRM magazine in this ever-popular Best Practices Guide. This Best Practices topic will focus on AppExchange Solutions for Sales & Marketing.

Tags : crm, appexchange, customer service, customer interaction service, marketing automation, sales automation, collaborative commerce, customer experience management
By:     Published Date: Jun 24, 2015

CRM magazine has always focused on customer service as one of the most important customer-facing areas of an organization. In this special Best Practices guide, we ask contributors to offer our readers guidance on how to best achieve a customer service strategy that both increases customer satisfaction and benefits the organization.

Tags : crm, customer interaction, customer satisfaction, customer service, best practices, customer interaction service, customer relationship management, ebusiness
By:     Published Date: Jun 17, 2015

Customers want to be recognized for their past business with your company and engageg in a way that makes sense for them. In this Best Practices Guide, we’ll take a look at how technology is enabling personalized conversations along the customer journey in a way that builds loyal, engaged customers and prospects.

Tags : customer communications, customer service, nurturing, customer conversation, ip telephony, mobile data systems, customer interaction service, customer satisfaction
By:     Published Date: Jun 10, 2015

Delivering great customer experiences depends on consistency, accuracy, and convenience and this roundtable will focus on how to create and support a call center that balances inbound, outbound and intelligent call routing to make the most of the voice channel.

Tags : call center, call center routing, inbound ivr, ivr, ip networks, ip telephony, call center management, customer interaction service
By:     Published Date: May 20, 2015

In the Best Practices Guide, we try to educate our readers on how to build a VoC (Voice of the Customer) strategy that can provide meaningful results and help accomplish strategic goals.

Tags : voc, voice of the customer, customer service, customer satisfaction, best practices, customer interaction service, customer relationship management, collaborative commerce
By:     Published Date: Apr 15, 2015

It's no secret that the use smart phones is exploding. According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, 34% Americans go online mostly using their phones, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. The implication for location based marketing and ecommerce, customer service, and personalized, permission based marketing is enormous, but the rules of engagement are markedly different for mobile communications.

Tags : mobile data, customer engagement, crm, customer data, smartphones, mobile communications, mobile data systems, smart phones
By:     Published Date: Apr 15, 2015

Managing the sum of all Customer Experiences is daunting, but that is the stated task at hand. In this Roundtable Webcast discussion, you will hear from four experts in the field who will help you map your customers' journeys and your organization's ability to deliver a superior customer experience.

Tags : convergys, customer experience, customer service, customer journey, crm, customer interaction service, customer satisfaction, ebusiness
By: Workday     Published Date: Feb 23, 2015

This practical guide gives you the tips on making the case for change as well as how to position the benefits of shifting to the cloud for your CEO, CFO, and CIO.

Tags : hr technology, cloud, hr in the cloud, cloud hr, identify a vendor, ceo, cfo, cio
By: Corvisa LLC     Published Date: Feb 13, 2015

This whitepaper presents new study findings on current consumer hot buttons, identifies what’s still broken when it comes to customer service, and highlights the industries and businesses that know how to get it right.

Tags : customer interaction, contact center, customer service, customer satisfaction, call center management, call center software, customer interaction service, customer relationship management
By: Adobe     Published Date: Feb 03, 2015

This report provides you with essential direction for putting people, processes, and technology in place to achieve digital experience excellence.

Tags : transforming digital marketing, digital experience excellence, customers interaction and engagement, digital experience, customer interaction service, customer relationship management, customer satisfaction, social media marketing
By: Adobe     Published Date: Feb 03, 2015

This Gartner paper provides information on how the mobile application development platform market continues to grow, evolve and mature in response to escalating customer requirements.

Tags : madp, mobile applications, response customer requirements, mobile computing, mobile data systems, mobile workers, business integration, customer interaction service
By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Jan 12, 2015

This IDC Technology Spotlight discusses the trends of the 3rd Platform and the role that LogMeIn Rescue plays in addressing the challenges they pose.

Tags : remote support software, logmein rescue, trends of the 3rd platform, mobile computing, mobile data systems, mobile workers, smart phones, wireless application software
By: Act-On     Published Date: Jan 08, 2015

You just posted your latest piece of content and shared across your social networks. You even got a few “likes” and “tweets.” But you want more. You want to create content that people engage with in a meaningful way. Learn 10 tips for creating engaging social content.

Tags : act-on, engaging social content, social content, interactive content, social engagement, engaged interaction, target audience, audience motivation
By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Jan 06, 2015

This paper confirms a changing mix in how Businesses demand web conferencing solutions that are built for modern employees, and a new, more agile and connected workforce.

Tags : death of the web conference, demands on web conferencing solutions, conferencing tools, modern conferencing tools, network performance management, remote network management, wireless communications, customer interaction service
By: Polycom     Published Date: Jan 06, 2015

This paper will highlight the key elements companies should look for in a video conferencing system, and offer best-practices recommendations for identifying and working with a video solutions provider.

Tags : videoconferencing, business culture, technology, solutions, integrate, video culture, best practices, business intelligence
By: BI WORLDWIDE     Published Date: Dec 22, 2014

Every day, people are showing up to work for your channel partners. Some of those people are disengaged, which can have a significant impact on your ultimate success as a manufacturer or franchisor. Engaged channel employees deliver better customer experiences, stay longer with their employer and are more willing to talk their employer up as a great place to work. You’ve worked hard to develop outstanding products and services that are being distributed through your channel. Don’t let disengaged employees put your brand at risk. Download our article to learn how to drive and sustain engagement among your channel employees.

Tags : customer loyalty, loyalty program, customer engagement, brand loyalty, brand advocacy, channel engagement, channel incentives, channel loyalty
By: BI WORLDWIDE     Published Date: Dec 22, 2014

As a manufacturer, your uncontrolled distribution channel has a lot of places to focus their attention. So how do you break through the clutter? Reward and recognition programs have long been used to engage channel partners and align their activities with manufacturers’ goals. Applying behavioral economics to your program design will drive extra focus and effort. Learn ten best practices to follow when designing your next channel reward and recognition program.

Tags : customer loyalty, loyalty program, customer engagement, brand loyalty, brand advocacy, channel engagement, channel incentives, channel loyalty
By: BI WORLDWIDE     Published Date: Dec 22, 2014

The current loyalty program environment is challenging but rife with opportunity. Many poorly designed programs are driving loyalty fatigue and mercenary loyalty. However, there are more loyalty memberships than ever before and those companies that are successful in driving engagement and true loyalty are experiencing significant returns. The programs that “get it right” and earn genuine loyalty don’t just repurpose an old tactical model or copy the competition – they are unique and create or reinforce differentiation in the marketplace. Learn how to design a loyalty program that focuses on the entire lifecycle of a customer.

Tags : customer loyalty, loyalty program, customer engagement, brand loyalty, brand advocacy, channel engagement, channel incentives, channel loyalty
By: Trustpilot     Published Date: Nov 13, 2014

Concerns about online reviews are invariably based on misconceptions that don't hold up when faced with reason. This whitepaper lists some of the most common myths holding businesses back from embracing the true power of online reviews.

Tags : trustpilot, online reviews, customer feedback, customer service, reviews, sales, customer interaction service, customer satisfaction
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Nov 07, 2014

Fournissez de nouveaux services métier sécurisés et améliorez l’expérience client. De plus en plus d’entreprises adoptent le Cloud, la technologie mobile et les réseaux sociaux pour élargir leurs activités, créer de nouveaux canaux commerciaux et améliorer les services aux clients.

Tags : accelerate service engagement, improve customer engagement, cloud, social networks, secure services, improve the customer experience, mobile computing, mobile data systems
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 07, 2014

To build a great mobile app, you need the right skills, tools, and support. That’s why many companies are turning to integrated and collaborative mobile application development environments that let them meet business needs and exceed customer expectations.

Tags : ibm, mobile app, collaboration, mobile development, mobile environments, mobile application, hybrid apps, native apps
By: Bazaarvoice     Published Date: Nov 05, 2014

Struggling to prove social ROI? The Bazaarvoice whitepaper Real ROI from Social in 5 Steps shows you how the world’s most successful brands and retailers are capturing results and proving true social ROI.

Tags : bazaarvoice, roi, marketing landscape, social emergence, social media, information online, social strategy, measurable data
By: Bazaarvoice     Published Date: Nov 05, 2014

This paper explores what authenticity really means to consumers, and how brands can deliver it, every time. Includes best practices for companies that collect and display reviews, handling employee reviews, and how dubious practices can harm your business.

Tags : bazaarvoice, customer loyalty, authemticity, customer relationships, authentic users, generated content, best practices, inauthentic practices
By: Bazaarvoice     Published Date: Nov 05, 2014

Consumers discuss your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Learn how to harness this wealth of social media content, and display it right where it can go to work delivering engagement, trust, and conversion: your website.

Tags : bazaarvoice, social curation, engagement, proliferation, social channels, social content, customer feedback, drive engagement
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