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By: DataSift     Published Date: Dec 04, 2014

How is working with social media data relevant and accessible in the context of application development? How can working with social media data be made valuable as well as both economically and technically feasible? Find out by joining Gigaom Research and our sponsor DataSift for a free analyst webinar on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 at 10 a.m. PT.

Tags : datasift, social media data, social media, social media analytics, application development, big data, business activity monitoring, business analytics
By: HP     Published Date: Nov 21, 2014

There is a visible change happening within the modern business. New types of users, applications and use-cases are all emerging pushing growing business drivers forward. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how HP ProLiant servers create a comprehensive and cost-effective object storage solution to address an organization’s next-generation scale-out storage and business needs.

Tags : big data, cloud, cloud computing, hp proliant, proliant, storage, business applications, cloud applications
By: FORTRUST     Published Date: Nov 20, 2014

This paper details the steps FORTRUST has taken as an organization to reduce our impact on the environment, while growing and improving the company as a whole—a process that continues to this day.

Tags : fortrust, data center, green computing, power consumption, power and cooling, data center efficiency, network architecture, server hardware
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

Like it or not, you will hear from your vocal users. It’s not unusual to see ratings from 1 to 5 stars for the same app. How do you track and compare actual and perceived quality? How can you get actionable insight from user feedback to develop mobile apps that engage users?

Tags : cloud-based services, application ratings, application development, app quality, it management, knowledge management, enterprise applications
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

Enterprises adopt mobile application platforms to help develop and deliver a portfolio of mobile applications systematically. Today’s new crop of easily consumable cloud based mobile services is also changing the way in which apps are developed and maintained.

Tags : mobile app development, cloud-based services, application services, mobile app platforms, knowledge management, enterprise applications, data center
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

As the use of mobile devices exponentially expands, so too does security threats to the increasing number of mobile applications that companies rely on. As a result, companies struggle to keep pace with mobile application security and face the risk of embarrassing and costly data breaches. In this technical session, you’ll learn how Worklight Application Scanning helps you deliver applications that aren’t susceptible to the most common types of malware, including SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting. In addition, you’ll learn how this powerful tool helps address the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks for 2014.

Tags : application screening, user feedback, mobile app development, cloud-based services, it management, knowledge management, enterprise applications, data management
By: Nasuni     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

In September 2012, Nasuni conducted a survey of more than 1,300 corporate IT users to better understand employee habits regarding Shadow IT and their impact on corporate IT systems and security. This paper presents the survey results, including what users revealed about their use of consumer file sharing solutions and personal devices.

Tags : employee habits, corporate it systems, dropbox, it infrastructure, security, it management, knowledge management, enterprise applications
By: Nasuni     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

The global architecture and engineering firm Environmental Systems Design, Inc., had enough capacity to handle its data. The challenge was protecting that data. The firm would often have 15TB of data in production at a given time and its existing backup solutions simply could not keep pace. After quickly outgrowing several other systems, ESD turned to Nasuni’s enterprise storage as a service. Now, thanks to Nasuni’s automated backup, which delivers unlimited versioning, fast disaster recovery and an unmatched RPO, IT can stop worrying about backup and focus on its core mission of enhancing business productivity.

Tags : automated protection, enhanced productivity, data protection, backup solutions, it management, knowledge management, enterprise applications, data management
By: Nasuni     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

When world-class architecture and design firm Perkins+Will needed a high performance storage platform to support their global teams, they turned to Nasuni. With 24 locations around the world, traditional storage and data protection schemes were becoming expensive and difficult to manage. Teams in different locations wanted access to shared project data. Nasuni has allowed Perkins+Will to deploy a high performance storage platform that delivers data protection and synchronization at a fraction of the cost and complexity of any existing solution.

Tags : storage management, data protection, data synchronization, it management, knowledge management, enterprise applications, data management
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

Risk Management: OpenPages GRC: Operational risk management in the world of big data - Unlocking the value of loss event data and driving the risk-aware enterprise

Tags : ibm, risk management, big data, data management, operational risk, event data, risk aware, risk solutions
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

Risk Management: General: Partially cloudy: the benefits of hybrid deployment models

Tags : ibm, risk management, big data, data management, operational risk, event data, risk aware, risk solutions
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

Algorithmics: Back to the future - Revisiting capital and the bank of tomorrow

Tags : ibm, risk management, capital management, cash management, data availability, future banking, business intelligence, return on investment
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

Risk Management: OpenPages GRC Platform: Hypatia Research Group - The Convergence of Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance Software Solutions: Best Practices, Benchmarks & Vendor Galaxy Evaluations

Tags : ibm, enterprise governance, risk, compliance software, software solutions, hypatia research, grc, grc software
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014

Risk Management: Algo Collateral: Evolution for efficiency - Active Collateral Management

Tags : ibm, efficiency, collateral management, risk management, financial landscape, financial transactions, otc market, financial regulation
By: Sonus Networks     Published Date: Nov 18, 2014

Many businesses today are talking about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), but in order to be a part of the conversation you need to know: A) What is SIP? B) What are the benefits of VoIP and SIP? C) How do I get started?

Tags : sonus, sip, voice over internet protcol, voip, session initiation protocol, knowledge management, enterprise applications
By: Salesfroce     Published Date: Nov 18, 2014

Small businesses define our economy, creating 60% of US jobs. And to thrive, they need to turn on fast and sustainable business growth. In this exclusive ebook, you'll see one-on-one interviews with three successful entrepreneurs: Buyer's Best Friend: Joyce Guan, Founder; Trunk Club: Brian Spaly, CEO; and Bespoke Collection: Paul Leary, President. See how they turned sales up +27%, kept up with that growth, and turned around a stunning ROI.

Tags : business growth, small business, roi, economy, enterprise applications
By: Salesfroce     Published Date: Nov 18, 2014

If you missed Dreamforce this year, we’ve got you covered. In this ebook, you’ll discover the ten major breakthroughs for Sales Cloud — and how they will enable the sales team of the future. Explore enhanced capablities, loads of new features, new mobile apps and a seamless user experience. Welcome to the sales success platform, reimagined for today’s sales team.

Tags : dreamforce, sales cloud, sales team, enhanced capabilities, new features, mobile apps, user experience, enterprise applications
By: Imprivata     Published Date: Nov 17, 2014

This whitepaper will tell you what you need to know when it comes to implementing electronic prescriptions for controlled substances.

Tags : imprivata, epcs, electronic prescriptions, controlled substances, solution vendors, practitioners, regulatory compliance, transmitted electronically
By: Emerson     Published Date: Nov 17, 2014

The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Emerson's DCIM Solution on their organizations.

Tags : emerson, data center, data center management, dcim, infrastructure management, infrastructure, network architecture, servers
By: ClickSoftware     Published Date: Nov 17, 2014

From calculator watches to smart glasses, this paper will guide you through the evolution of wearable technology and its impact on the service industry. This whitepaper will help you to understand how your business can benefit by getting ahead of the trend through implementing wearable technology within your organisation.

Tags : shift scheduling, wearable technology, the evolution of wearable technology, byow, it management, mobile computing, mobile data systems, mobile workers
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 14, 2014

View this demo to learn how IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service running on the SoftLayer Cloud helps you: quickly get your applications deployed on ready-to-run clusters in the cloud; manage workloads seamlessly between on-premise and cloud-based resources; get help from the experts with 24x7 Support.

Tags : ibm, cloud, cloud computing, hpc, softlayer, cloud clusters, network performance management, clustering
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 14, 2014

View this series of short webcasts to learn how IBM Platform Computing products can help you ‘maximize the agility of your distributed computing environment’ by improving operational efficiency, simplify user experience, optimize application using and license sharing, address spikes in infrastructure demand and reduce data management costs.

Tags : ibm, distributed computing, user experience, business agility, infrastructure, network architecture, application performance management, data integration
By: Skyword     Published Date: Nov 14, 2014

Eventually, you’ll want to move your content strategy past awareness-driven content creation and start converting leads. To show meaningful content ROI, you must have a framework in place to create a diverse array of custom content, and this free eBook will give you the tools and strategy to get started. Download it today!

Tags : content strategy, content marketing, b2c content, b2b content, content marketing platform, content marketing agency, brand content, branded content
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 14, 2014

Data mining uncovers patterns in data through a variety of predictive techniques. By engaging in data mining, organizations like yours gain greater insight into external conditions, internal processes, your markets – and your customers.

Tags : ibm, data mining, data management, business results, predictive intelligence, business insights, best practices, business intelligence
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 14, 2014

This document describes best practices for deploying GPFS in such environments to help ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Tags : ibm, big data, big data platform, hdfs, big data analytics, best practices, business analytics, analytical applications
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