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Data Management comprises all the disciplines related to managing data as a valuable resource. Data Resource Management is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise.

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By: CenturyLink     Published Date: Oct 30, 2014

DevOps is a hot topic inside many Enterprise IT organizations today, because of the operational and development efficiencies it can bring. Join Gigaom Research and our sponsor CenturyLink for “DevOps, Weaving Development and Operations Together in the Enterprise,” a free analyst webinar on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at 10 a.m. PT.

Tags : devops, centurylink, application integration, knowledge management, operations, network performance management, best practices, database development
By:     Published Date: Oct 29, 2014

Predictive analytics is a very useful way to "maximize the lifetime value of a customer," which, in many cases, involves optimizing marketing campaigns, increasing website interactions, converting clicks into conversions, and generally providing an intelligent next-best offer. This Roundtable Webcast will explore some of the ingenious ways predictive analytics is being used and driving positive outcomes.

Tags : predictive analytics, business intelligence, business analytics, data management, crm, intelligence, business metrics, customer relationship management
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 17, 2014

In this first-release MQ, Gartner evaluates providers on service delivery, B2B Network/Collaboration, Integration Functionality and success in capitalizing on vision. Rated against an extensive 15-criteria evaluation, IBM earned one of only three Leader positions, and outpaced the competition in "completeness of vision," signifying our strength in delivering the most competitive solution to the marketplace.

Tags : integration brokerage, service delivery, integration functionality, competitive solutions, it management, data management, best practices, business analytics
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 17, 2014

According to a study from the Aberdeen Group, the number of companies starting initiatives for collaboration has doubled in the last two years. Their research indicates that collaborating with customers and collaborating with partners are both in the top five actions being taken by survey respondents.

Tags : internal collaboration, b2b collaboration, visibility, globalization, data management, best practices, business analytics, business management
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 14, 2014

Four technology trends—cloud computing, mobile technology, social collaboration and analytics—are shaping the business and converging on the data center. But few data center strategies are designed with the requisite flexibility, scalability or resiliency to meet the new demands. Read the white paper to learn how a good data center strategy can help you prepare for the rigors and unpredictability of emerging technologies. Find out how IBM’s predictive analytics are helping companies build more accurate, forward-looking data center strategies and how those strategies are leading to more agile, efficient and resilient infrastructures.

Tags : it trends, data center strategies, cloud computing, mobile technology, it management, data management, business intelligence
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 14, 2014

This white paper explores IBM’s vision for the next-generation data center, its potential to be truly revolutionary and the prescribed pathway for getting there.

Tags : service optimization, software defined environment, next-generation data center, data management, business analytics, business intelligence
By: CenturyLink     Published Date: Oct 10, 2014

Doing Big Data and NoSQL in the public cloud sounds great, but at some point, someone has to write a check to make it happen. Is there a strong financial argument for making this move? Can you start small and grow larger easily? This paper answers this question with a detailed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis for open source data management in the public cloud. Contrasting cloud deployments on the standard vs hyperscale CenturyLink Cloud stack Powered by Intel Cloud Technology, versus the on-premise analogue, the paper models the relative financial merits of each approach. The paper considers the best potential use cases for on-premise versus cloud and walks through an example use case to show the impact to business outcomes (time to results, cost, TCO). Cost factors compared include:

Tags : total cost ownership, big data, public cloud, security, protection, administrative personnel, data management, data center
By: CenturyLink     Published Date: Oct 10, 2014

Enterprises that run big data in the public cloud can achieve many of the benefits common to any cloud deployment, including lower costs, greater flexibility, and faster deployments. And now, with the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub in the CenturyLink Cloud, enterprises can do even more. This paper highlights the performance benefits and other advantages of combining Cloudera’s expertise in large-scale data management and analytics with CenturyLink Cloud’s high-performance Hyperscale solution. Why Cloudera on CenturyLink Cloud? • Faster time to insight • Scalable data management • On-demand processing power and flexible deployments • Greater efficiency for increased cost savings

Tags : big data, performance, enterprises, flexibility, lower costs, public cloud, data management, data center
By: CareCloud     Published Date: Oct 09, 2014

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how one scenario can help get the most from its PM and EHR.

Tags : carecloud, pm and ehr, boost revenue, ehr too expensive, practice ehr, revenue cycle management, ehr installation, system implementation
By: OpenText     Published Date: Oct 08, 2014

Digital capture is a key enabling technology in a business world striving to balance the shifting advantages and requirements of paper and digital documentation. This paper takes a closer look at the technology behind data capture, explaining some of the sub-technologies involved and highlighting the key challenges presented by data capture in the enterprise.

Tags : opentext, ecm, data capture technology, digital documentation, sub-technologies, enterprise, data capture, it management
By: Verint     Published Date: Oct 07, 2014

Quality assurance remains an essential and mission-critical business function that must be done on a consistent basis. Speech and text analytics alters and enhances the process by giving companies a way to review as much as 100% of their interactions on a timely and consistent basis. Now that there is a more scientific, accurate and cost-effective way to do QA, it’s time for companies to update and invest in these programs with new technologies and best practices.

Tags : analytic, assurance, power, harnessing, improve, quality, business, interaction
By: Verint     Published Date: Oct 07, 2014

For nearly 30 years, contact center quality monitoring has been an established process, performed essentially the same way by many—if not most—organizations. But much has changed in three decades. Today’s customers have become the final arbiters of what constitutes quality by virtue of the collective power of social media, and traditional quality metrics may no longer align with what consumers actually want or expect. What challenges does this pose to traditional quality monitoring programs? And how can contact centers evolve their quality monitoring and assurance processes to meet these new challenges?

Tags : quality, next steps, management, decade, customers, challenges, monitoring, assurance
By: ClearStory     Published Date: Oct 07, 2014

When it comes to “big data,” Gartner boils it all down to “value.” In their 2014 Cool Vendors for Big Data report, ClearStory Data was among 4 companies profiled. According to Gartner, ClearStory is “for companies looking at big data business intelligence and analytics from a data variety perspective.”

Tags : big data, value, business intelligence, analytics, data variety, data management, data center
By: ClearStory     Published Date: Oct 07, 2014

Why be bogged down by different analysis solutions for different data types and sources, when a single solution can give you direct access and blending, of all your data, wherever it is? Get the paper and find out more.

Tags : data harmonization, analysis solutions, data types, collaboration, data management, data center
By: ClearStory     Published Date: Oct 07, 2014

Written by Stephen McDaniel, Chief Data Officer, Freakalytics, Learn why Data Intelligence is the new way. Easy access, quick answers, more data, more people.

Tags : data analysis, chief data officer, data intelligence, easy access, freakalytics, data management, data center
By: ClearStory     Published Date: Oct 07, 2014

Organizations are more data hungry than ever. Thanks to advances in machine learning and semantic processing, they can now gain new insights from that data. ClearStory Data helps business users gain new insights into their markets and the environments in which they operate.

Tags : data hungry, semantic processing, insight, market enviornment, data management, data center
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

IBM’s Social Media Analytics solution helps your company take advantage of everything social media has to offer in terms of getting closer to your customers, combining social media analysis and reporting with IBM SPSS predictive analytics technology.

Tags : social media, advanced analytics, customer insight, social media analytics, knowledge management, business activity monitoring, business analytics, business integration
By: cPacket Networks     Published Date: Oct 02, 2014

The modern applications delivery environment is distributed and dependent on data centers and network connectivity. Therefore, users are increasingly dependent on consistent network performance for day-to-day activities. Learn what pitfalls a business should avoid when implementing a network monitoring solution.

Tags : cpacket, cpacket networks, data center, network intelligence, network performance, application delivery, cloud computing, cloud network
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 01, 2014

Gaining a more complete, trusted view of customers is a strategic goal of most organizations. The challenge is that information about customers is typically managed and stored in many different applications, management systems and data silos. And this challenge is often compounded by a lack of consistency from one application to the next. The combination of IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer and IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management addresses these challenges by creating a single, combined, trusted 360-degree view of all data related to customers, accounts, products and other entities. The combined solution enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and get the right information to the right people to provide customers what they need to solve problems, cross-sell and up-sell.

Tags : data integration, customer loyalty, customer service, big data, data management, best practices, business analytics, customer relationship management
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 01, 2014

To help enterprises create trusted insight as the volume, velocity and variety of data continue to explode, IBM offers several solutions designed to help organizations uncover previously unavailable insights and use them to support and inform decisions across the business. Combining the power of IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management (MDM) with the IBM big data portfolio creates a valuable connection: big data technology can supply insights to MDM, and MDM can supply master data definitions to big data.

Tags : mdm, big data, master data, data solutions, data management, business analytics, business intelligence, project management
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 01, 2014 is an industry leading cloud CRM solution which helps organizations streamline and effectively manage sales processes, customers and opportunities. The effectiveness of these initiatives can be improved dramatically by providing Salesforce with a 3600 view of the Customer to overcome the limitation of fragmented data that Salesforce currently relies on. This paper discusses how InfoSphere capabilities can be used to create comprehensive and accurate 3600 views of your customers from internal and external sources. This data is integrated seamlessly within to help your sales teams get a complete view of the customer to help find the right contacts, allocate resources efficiently and identify new opportunities. This helps your sales teams be more efficient, effective and ultimately improve your win rate and drive more revenue.

Tags : salesforce, crm solution, data integration, data management, business intelligence, business process management, customer interaction service, customer relationship management
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 01, 2014

This white paper discusses how IBM InfoSphere can support the integration and governance of Big Data in healthcare. The white paper reviews three case studies including predictive analytics with Electronic Medical Records, time series data in a neonatal intensive care unit and predictive pathways for disease.

Tags : big data, data integration, healthcare, data management, business activity monitoring, business analytics
By: OpenText     Published Date: Oct 01, 2014

Customer experiences have evolved tremendously over the years. Technology has made buyers smarter and more empowered; with online reviews and mobile web access, customers know more about a company's products, services, competitors, and pricing than the organization may know itself. Today's consumers expect tailored, engaging experiences and rich content delivered seamlessly across a variety of touch points.

Tags : opentext, cem, digital asset management, onmi channel, rich media, online reviews, mobile web access, engagement
By:     Published Date: Oct 01, 2014

Download this FREE whitepaper from CRM magazine and earn how your company can reap the full benefits of predictive analytics, by bridging the chasm between building predictive models, and actually deploying them.

Tags : predictive analytics, business intelligence, intelligence, business analytics, best practices, business metrics
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