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By: EarthLink Business     Published Date: Mar 17, 2014

Most organizations will eventually utilize multiple network access paths to the cloud—road warrior salesmen, for instance, will typically not take the same path as a primary business site. The focus of this white paper is to define the different access paths available for multiple sites with different needs.

Tags : earthlink, earthlink business, enterprise network, cloud passage, cloud, cloud computing, networking, virtualization
By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 27, 2014

Learn about the most flexible end-to-end solutions for transforming your private cloud to maximize efficiency.

Tags : end-to-end solutions, flexible solutions, enterprise, private cloud, scalable services, ibm, cloud computing, infrastructure
By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 27, 2014

Gain a better understanding of the role of your network in cloud computing and see how you can get the best value possible for your business.

Tags : network, cloud computing, business, ibm, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, networking
By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 27, 2014

Learn about the new trending technologies that are shaping the data center and see how your organization can implement these technologies to have the most agile and efficient infrastructures possible.

Tags : pervasive technology, technology trends, business, data center, infrastructure, analytics, mobile technology, social collaboration
By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 27, 2014

Learn the best practices that the mobile technology leaders are using and see how your organization could benefit from an infrastructure that supports mobile devices and other mobile solutions.

Tags : mobile, best practices, mobile technology, mobile solutions, mobile devices, mobile collaboration, byod, bring your own device
By: BMC Software     Published Date: Feb 12, 2014

IT as a Service (ITaaS) will transform future IT operations and service delivery. In the interim, Hybrid IT offers a rational, gradual approach in which some services move to SaaS while others remain on-premise. This white paper provides a strategy to move part or all of your ITSM suite to the cloud as a stepping stone to ITaaS.

Tags : itaas, saas, cloud, itsm, integrating itsm, itsm integration, itaas, saas integration
By: EMC UK     Published Date: Jan 27, 2014

Learn how your organisation can deploy desktop virtualisation simply, efficiently and with flexibility.

Tags : emc, vspex, end user computing, deployment, desktop virtualization, agility, availability, infrastructure
By: EMC UK     Published Date: Jan 27, 2014

Learn how your ogranisation can accelerate its journey to its cloud with the next generation VNX storage and EMC powered backup technologies.

Tags : emc, vnx, vspex, emc powered backup, private cloud, cloud computing, infrastructure, infrastructure maintenance
By: EMC UK     Published Date: Jan 27, 2014

Learn how your organisation can accelerate your IT Transformation and availability of SharePoint information with VSPEX.

Tags : emc, vspex, virtualization, infrastructure, microsoft sharepoint, server, software, cloud computing
By: EMC UK     Published Date: Jan 23, 2014

Learn how to accelerate your organisation's IT transformation of exchange environments with VSPEX.

Tags : emc, vspex, virtualization solution, acceleration, cloud, infrastructure, microsoft exchange, server
By: Teradata     Published Date: Jan 22, 2014

Trying to keep up with explosive data growth? Want to reduce your energy consumption costs? Or keep up with a constantly “on-the-go” consumer and workforce? You need Analytics in the Cloud.

Tags : cloud analytics, big data, private cloud, public cloud, cloud computing, infrastructure
By: Teradata     Published Date: Jan 22, 2014

Today's agile businesses are seeking to expand analytics fast, gain flexible analytic deployment options and smooth cash flows. Download this paper to learn how Teradata understands these needs and has engineered a cloud solution that meets organizations' analytic needs.

Tags : cloud analytics, hadoop, analytics, cloud-based analytics, data warehousing, discovery capabilities, data management, cloud computing
By: Teradata     Published Date: Jan 22, 2014

Saving money and increasing agility just got easier with cloud computing.

Tags : cloud computing, private cloud, public cloud, data warehouse, big data, infrastructure
By: Collaborative Consulting     Published Date: Jan 15, 2014

When a pharmaceutical company discovered its risks under the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it turned to Collaborative to comb and consolidate its data. The result: compliance and insight into new business opportunities, too, through a company-wide business data warehouse and enhanced business intelligence.

Tags : collaborative consulting, data, data warehouse, complicane, risk management, business intelligence, consolidation, infrastructure
By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 10, 2014

Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. This report notes that "IBM offers a comprehensive suite of products aimed at testing the most demanding and complex apps." For more, download the report today.

Tags : ibm, info-tech, rational quality manager, quality management, integration, automation, software, virtualization
By: Red Hat     Published Date: Jan 09, 2014

Is your private cloud truly agile and helping your users overcome their business challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible? Read this whitepaper to find out.

Tags : red hat, cloudforms, private cloud, agility, agility gap, it management, resource management, servers
By: Red Hat     Published Date: Jan 09, 2014

In this Forrester report: How the infrastructure/operations (I&O) role changes in a hybrid cloud world. How they accelerate the cloud application delivery life cycle to exceed business expectations of cloud & which management capabilities must be mastered to take on the role of hybrid cloud manager.

Tags : red hat, cloudforms, cloud management, hybrid cloud, infrastructure, operations, acceleration, application delivery
By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 09, 2014

In this Advisory, Clabby Analytics looks more closely at the importance of implementing an integrated infrastructure — and its relationship to business analytics. The paper will examine the business analytics workloads, discuss how these workloads put different demands on the underlying systems and infrastructure, and provide guidance designing an integrated business analytics environment that will provide organizations with high performance, resiliency, and a scalable growth path.

Tags : analytics, power 7, big data, power systems, virtualization, ibm, ibm power systems, infrastructure
By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 09, 2014

Watson’s success in the Jeopardy! challenge was inspiring, but the business impact of optimized systems design is just beginning. With smarter analytics solutions optimized on IBM Power Systems, you can put Watson's technology to work and ensure that you

Tags : power 7, big data, watson, decision making, power systems, virtualization, spss collaboration, ibm
By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 09, 2014

The SUSE Enterprise Linux Server, now on the IBM PureFlex System, provides an open, reliable and secure IT environment with faster deployment, better business agility, lower power consumption, better hardware utilization and lower total cost of ownership.

Tags : suse enterprise, linux, ibm, enterprise, pureflex system, linux enterprise, open virtualization, mission critical
By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 09, 2014

IBM Flex System is quite simply the best blade offering on the market. The rest of this document explains briefly how and why IBM Flex System outperforms mere blade systems IBM Flex. It illustrates the combination of capabilities that Flex System solutions offer and blade systems from HP, Dell, Cisco and, yes, even IBM BladeCenter®, can’t.

Tags : ibm, flex system, architecture, blade architecture, puresystems, pureflex, virtualization, storage
By: Red Hat     Published Date: Jan 08, 2014

Cloud adoption is an evolutionary process that has been leading to hybrid clouds—specifically, open hybrid clouds that provide for portability of applications and data. This new model means avoiding new points of proprietary lock-in and new silos, and breaking from proprietary software and hardware.

Tags : red hat, cloud, cloud infrastructure, workload, infrastructure as a service, iaas, cloud workload, integration
By: Red Hat     Published Date: Jan 08, 2014

OpenStack is an open source cloud system software project that has broad participation from the IT Industry. IDC evaluates the current situation and provides a future outlook evaluating the deployment and support model and addressing OpenStack enterprise features and support.

Tags : idc, openstack, red hat, virtualization, cloud, cloud, cloud software, storage
By: Red Hat     Published Date: Jan 08, 2014

This executive brief provides results of a CIO Magazine Quick Pulse poll sponsored by Red Hat which highlights the industry move to private cloud technology and hybrid cloud environments through dual-source virtualization wherein companies value security, performance and support in a quest to build the new IT paradigm.

Tags : red hat, virtualization, storage, cloud, cloud data, hybrid cloud, cloud management, platform as a service
By: Red Hat     Published Date: Jan 08, 2014

This infographic is the outcome of an IDG Connect survey of 200 US enterprise decision makers that includes adoption plans for OpenStack, the platform of choice for private cloud development and deployment.

Tags : idg, openstack, red hat, platform, cloud, cloud platform, cloud computing, virtualization
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