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Risk Management is the process of measuring, or assessing risk and developing strategies to manage it. Strategies include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect of the risk, and accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk. Traditional risk management focuses on risks stemming from physical or legal causes.
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By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 09, 2011

Learn how intelligence, integration, and interactivity can drive the results you are looking for!

Tags : marketing, intelligence, integrattion, interactivity, unica, interactive, mobile marketing, mobile
By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 09, 2011

Findings From Forrester's Q4 2010 Survey Of Customer Intelligence Professionals

Tags : marketing, unica, technology, adoption, customer intelligence, forrester, programs, challenges
By: EMC Corporation     Published Date: Nov 08, 2011

This paper will discuss how the GDA enables several levels of consolidation from local backup to multi-site DR.

Tags : gda, consolidation, backup, multi-site, deduplication, data domain, global deduplication array, tape infrastructure
By: AT&T     Published Date: Nov 07, 2011

Reach For the Cloud to Transform How You Deliver Voice Services and Elevate the Value of Voice.

Tags : cloud services, cloud computing, hosted voice solution, voice services, at&t, att, at+t, crm
By: AT&T     Published Date: Nov 07, 2011

Organizations are responding to customer needs by shifting workforces into the flow of their lives resulting in an expansion of remote connectivity.

Tags : remote workers, managed remote service, distributed workforce, att, at&t, at+t, customers, mobile computing
By: EdgeWave     Published Date: Oct 15, 2011

In this white paper, you'll learn top email threats beyond spam in the age of blended threats and what you can do to protect your business.

Tags : web filter for enterprise, web security, email security, messaging security, spam, security, blended threats, email
By: EdgeWave     Published Date: Oct 15, 2011

This newly updated handbook is an invaluable tool for IT and HR professionals who need to establish rules for e-communications at their organizations.

Tags : e-policy best practices, web filter for enterprise, web security, email security, messaging security, best practices, handbook, edgewave
By: UNIT4 CODA     Published Date: Aug 22, 2011

Financial executives need to have a no-compromise approach to financial modeling and application choice, irrespective of where these applications are deployed.

Tags : unit4 coda, best-of-class strategy, cloud computing, saas, aberdeen group, financial executives, financial modeling, applications choice
By: Gates     Published Date: Aug 12, 2011

Field redesigns point the way to next-generation machines. This paper includes case studies showing how conversions from roller chain or gears to synchronous belt drives improved performance while saving maintenance and replacement costs.

Tags : gates, power transmission, engineering, oe manufacturing, field retrofits, field redesigns, drive designs, drive systems
By: IFS     Published Date: Aug 10, 2011

How Engineer, Procure, Construct, Install (EPCI, EPC) can identify technology designed to manage risk across design, fabrication and construction activities.

Tags : ifs, erp, epci, contracting business, epc, enterprise resource planning, engineer procure construct install, enterprise application
By: SAP     Published Date: Jun 30, 2011

Sanjay Poonen lends his insights on the market drivers for this BI revolution, and explains what it all means for SAP customers. The article also features SAP ecosystem partners highlighting how SAP customers can unleash the power of information to truly innovate their business.

Tags : sap, sanjay poonen, sap ecosystem, business intelligence, business analytics solution, businessobjects software, high-performance analytics appliance, sap hana
By: StorageCraft® Technology Corporation     Published Date: Jun 23, 2011

When it comes to data protection and recovery, many businesses are not as safe as they believe. Read on to find out what you should consider when creating your backup and disaster recovery plan.

Tags : storagecraft, recovery, backup, cloud, strategies, smb, protection, security
By: Symantec     Published Date: Jun 02, 2011

Download this survey now to understand the attitudes and practices of SMBs toward disaster preparedness.

Tags : symantec, smb, disaster prepardness survey, backup and recovery, data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity, high availability
By: IBM Corp     Published Date: May 31, 2011

This paper explains virtualization, its benefits for mid-sized business and how IBM's virtualization strategy can help mid-sized companies reduce costs, improve services and simplify management.

Tags : ibm virtualization, mid-sized businesses, ibm solutions, virtualized infrastructure, system x, bladecenter hs22v, vmware, tco
By: Gomez IT     Published Date: May 23, 2011

Everyone wants more traffic to their web site, right? What happens if the investments you make to drive traffic to your site result in reduced revenue? Continue reading to learn more about how important web load testing is.

Tags : gomez, web performance testing, web load testing program, compuware, web application delivery, risk reduction, traffic management, performance testing
By: Trillium Software     Published Date: May 19, 2011

Insurers must combine information from disparate systems, applications, and business units to create an enterprise view of risk. By developing a process to incorporate geocodes into location intelligence, insurers can build a more accurate assessment of risk.

Tags : trillium software, underwriting risk, insurers, location intelligence, geocodes, risk management, granularity, risk models
By: Red Hat     Published Date: Apr 18, 2011

In this whitepaper, we examine: Some of the key governance issues affecting both private and public clouds; Frequently cited risks and ways to mitigate them; Approaches that Red Hat is taking to help customers implement effective cloud governance; And Best practices that are part of a savvy cloud strategy.

Tags : red hat, it governance, hybrid cloud, cloud computing, risk mitigation, best practices, risk management
By: Shavlik Technologies     Published Date: Apr 14, 2011

This white paper will illustrate how implementing an effective power management strategy, complete with easy-to-deploy technology, will enable an organization to reduce costs, improve security and become a greater steward of the environment.

Tags : shavlik, power management, security, cyberattacks, internet attacks, lan, wake-on-lan, csci
By: Shavlik Technologies     Published Date: Apr 14, 2011

How can an organization manage both their physical environment and their virtual environment without doubling up on the work, missing critical patches on offline virtual machines, or even missing patches on the virtual machines they are not even aware of?

Tags : shavlik, patch management, virtual machine, physical, network patching, lifecycle management, attack, risk
By: Shavlik Technologies     Published Date: Apr 14, 2011

This webinar will cover the challenges of relying exclusively on either AV or patch and configuration management for threat resistance and why a combined approach is the best option.

Tags : shavlik, anti-malware, patch management, configuration management, virtualization, malware, anti-virus, protection
By: SAP     Published Date: Apr 13, 2011

To manage performance efficiently, midsize companies need a unified planning, budgeting, and consolidation solution. The SAP® BusinessObjectsT Edge Planning and Consolidation application streamlines the planning process and produces management reports that instill confidence and reduce business risk.

Tags : management report, business risk, business planning, business activity monitoring, business intelligence, risk management
By: GoToMyPC     Published Date: Apr 06, 2011

This Forrester white paper examines the rise in IT's prioritization of business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning.

Tags : disaster recovery, business continuity, bc/dr, smbs, enterpriser risk management, data loss, damage control, crisis
By: Skillsoft     Published Date: Apr 01, 2011

In this report, we will take a look at the IT-related activities from the ITPro and AnalystPerspectives collections, as well as the most popular IT and business search terms.

Tags : analystperspectives, itpro, books24x7, cloud computing, mobile computing, mobile data systems, mobile workers, pda
By: PC Mall     Published Date: Mar 21, 2011

For some companies, even a few hours of downtime can become a business disaster. IT risks must be considered as serious as any other significant business risk. When was the last time you assessed your business risks? Download this HP white paper to learn how to reduce the financial impact and maintain acceptable levels of productivity during an unplanned disaster.

Tags : disaster recovery, it risks, business continuity, outage, risk management, network provisioning
By: IBM Business Analytics     Published Date: Mar 04, 2011

Download this paper written by BPM partners to see how the 'last mile' has become a very complex and challenging process for companies and their CFO's and the strategic need to automate the controls around these processes.

Tags : bpm partners, last mile, finance, finance automation, risk, business process, business activity monitoring, business analytics
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