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Wireless Infrastructure is an 802.11 networking framework in which devices communicate with each other by first going through an Access Point (AP). In infrastructure mode, wireless devices can communicate with each other or can communicate with a wired network.
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By: Absolute Software     Published Date: Sep 06, 2011

See how Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management allows organizations to remotely manage their AppleŽ iOS devices (iPhoneŽ, iPodŽ Touch, iPadT).

Tags : absolute, intel, laptop, saas, lock down, rapid recovery, stolen, data defense
By: Absolute Software     Published Date: Sep 06, 2011

Vice President and Research Fellow for Aberdeen Group, shares trends, best practices and actionable insight on management of iOS mobile devices.

Tags : absolute, intel, laptop, saas, lock down, rapid recovery, stolen, data defense
By: Entrust     Published Date: Aug 03, 2011

Whether it's a smartcard for physical and logical access, soft tokens on a mobile device, or a unique grid card for strong authentication to a VPN, organizations can consolidate all authentication processes with a single, proven solution.

Tags : digital certificate, digital certificates, pki, pki security, two factor authentication, encryption software, multi factor authentication, public key infrastructure
By: DigitalPersona UK     Published Date: Jul 21, 2011

This white paper shows how integrated security suites can help organizations achieve high security and compliance with internal and external mandates, while also providing lower out-of-pocket costs, simplified management, and no compatibility issues.

Tags : fingerprint authentication, identity management, identity protection, data security, identity theft, loss prevention, compliance, strong authentication
By: Vocalocity     Published Date: Jul 13, 2011

Find out how small to midsize businesses can now leverage the same professional, hosted PBX phone solutions that were once the exclusive domain of enterprises.

Tags : pbx telephone systems, vocalocity. small business phones, smb, voip, ip network, ip networks, ip telephony, small business networks
By: Limelight Networks     Published Date: Jul 01, 2011

Create your own tablet-worthy site, and make your marketing work harder. This report shows you how to: . Take advantage of the tablet as a high-end media experience . Create experiences that support unique tablet behavior . Increase engagement by leveraging user-generated content

Tags : mobile marketing, tablet-worthy site, mobile website, ipad site, limelight networks, content delivery, content delivery network, cdn
By: Tata Communications     Published Date: Apr 05, 2011

This document discusses the evolution of Ethernet. As a proven leader in delivering Ethernet services, Tata Communications is making a bold, calculated move that positively impact the future of Ethernet and ultimately benefit customers.

Tags : pbb technology, tata communications, vlan, b-vlan, lan, provider backbone bridging technology, active directory, bandwidth management
By: MicroStrategy     Published Date: Mar 15, 2011

This free, one-day course covers an introduction to Mobile BI Applications and Mobile App architecture, interactivity and design techniques, and how to develop and deploy a fully-functional Mobile App. Students will spend the afternoon session exploring MicroStrategy software with hands-on, instructor-driven exercises.

Tags : microstrategy mobile class, bi application, business intelligence, mobile app architecture, mobile computing, mobile data systems, mobile workers, smart phones
By: SAP     Published Date: Feb 10, 2011

Tap directly into the findings of an exclusive survey by IDG Research and Sybase with this new white paper that define the current state of mobility. More importantly it underscores specific ways IT can and should behave to proactively deal with the fast-developing world of enterprise mobility. Download it now to learn more about how the "Consumerization of IT" presents a wealth of business opportunities for IT management.

Tags : sap, mobility, competitive edge, greenfield, enterprise mobility, mobile, applications, iphone
By: SAP     Published Date: Dec 20, 2010

This article will discuss how SAP is working to enable mobility for its customers and provide an overview of several of SAP's key mobility tools and applications.

Tags : sap, mobility, competitive edge, mobile workers, sybase, enterprise mobility, mobile, applications
By: SAP     Published Date: Nov 09, 2010

Read this technology brief from Ziff Davis Enterprises to learn about the benefits for an organization by taking a "greenfield" approach to enterprise mobility.

Tags : sap, mobility, competitive edge, greenfield, enterprise mobility, mobile, applications, sybase
By: Sprint     Published Date: Oct 15, 2010

As businesses increasingly demand mobile options for employees, Sprint has introduced a service for wholesale providers called Wholesale Mobile Integration (WMI), which integrates wireless and office telephones on the same phone number.

Tags : sprint wholesale, wireless integration, business communication, mobile phone, wholesale mobile integration, voip, mobile computing, mobile workers
By: SAP     Published Date: Sep 10, 2010

The forces of consumerization are sweeping over the mobile world, with workers bringing their personal devices into the office and increasingly asking for IT support for those devices. How you respond to this challenge will say a lot about the mobile environment of your organization as a whole, and a lot as well about just how productive these mobile users can be. This strategic PlayBook and accompanying Webcast will offer you very practical ways to grab hold of this mobile trend of consumerization and help your mobile workers to be more effective and productive.

Tags : sap, consumer mobile devices, iphone, adoption, mobility, wireless, smartphones, mobile data systems
By: Brocade     Published Date: Sep 07, 2010

This research study investigates industry best practices for mul-site and campus-area Wireless LANs (WLANs),based on a recent survey of 163 organizations.

Tags : wlan, wireless lan, wireless network performance, wireless network security, wlan security, higher education, healthcare, network performance
By: Brocade     Published Date: Sep 07, 2010

The trend toward more collaborative and open learning environments, fueled by the explosive adoption of mobile devices among students and faculty, makes higher-education campuses fertile ground for wireless LAN technology.

Tags : brocade, wireless lan, open learning, wlan, intrusion protection system, ips, internet security, intrusion detection
By: Konnetic     Published Date: Aug 05, 2010

This paper deals with a new architecture and technology behind the forthcoming 4G platform IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) which is an integral part of the telecommunication industries LTE (Long Term Evolution) blueprint.

Tags : ip multimedia subsystem, ims, konnetic, ip networks, ip telephony, network architecture, wireless communications, wireless infrastructure
By: BlackBerry     Published Date: Jul 23, 2010

Investing in mobility is like investing in any other important business activity, and its success will largely depend on how closely it is aligned with both business and IT drivers. A successful mobility plan should focus on 'mobilizing' your critical business processes and include planning phases for discovery, development and deployment. This Guide focuses on how to build an effective mobility plan while providing valuable insight into the benefits of mobilizing your business applications.

Tags : blackberry, mobility, smartphones, cell phones, mobile workforce, e-commerce, handset, touchpoint
By: BlackBerry     Published Date: Jul 22, 2010

Unified Communications (UC) integrates multiple communications modalities and adds presence features to allow workers to communicate and collaborate more effectively with co-workers, customers and suppliers. Learn about the cost, productivity and reachability issues associated with increased enterprise mobility and the benefits and future directions of Mobile UC.

Tags : blackberry, mobility, smartphones, cell phones, mobile workforce, e-commerce, handset, fmc
By: BlackBerry     Published Date: Jul 22, 2010

As more employees desire to use their personal smartphones for work, IT managers must leverage the opportunity, or risk their organizations missing out on an emerging business trend. It's no longer feasible for an IT department, regardless of company size, to ignore the smartphone push from the majority of the employee population. IT management must attempt to channel the chaos and determine ways to embrace the personal mobility wave while maintaining effective security and management measures, especially in relation to the corporate network. This free whitepaper discusses innovative mobile strategies, new policies, and a fresh approach to allowing smartphones access to corporate resources.

Tags : blackberry, mobility, smartphones, rim, cell phones, mobile workforce, e-commerce, handset
By: BlackBerry     Published Date: Jul 12, 2010

Cell phones and smartphones have become constant companions to influential shoppers. To capitalize on mobility's ubiquity, leading U.S retailers are actively pursuing the mobile channel as a way to enhance customer engagement and loyalty, while giving them "first-mover" advantage over their competitors.

Tags : blackberry, mobility, smartphones, cell phones, mobile workforce, e-commerce, handset, touchpoint
By: BlackBerry     Published Date: Jun 22, 2010

Fast, accurate communications are the underpinnings of patient care and safety. Yet, today's hospital staff carry so many pagers and other devices, it's become cumbersome. With Amcom Mobile Connect, you can simplify communications and strengthen care by using your BlackBerry smartphone for code alerts, patient updates, lab results, consult requests, and much more. In short, everything.

Tags : blackberry, smartphones, wireless, pda, pagers, healthcare, enterprise servers, it management
By: Mocana     Published Date: Jun 18, 2010

Until recently, designing or building a wireless device meant cobbling together whatever security implementations you could find, often with open source and other code that is usually too big and too slow for device environments.

Tags : mocana, nano wireless security, wpa2, device developer, open source code, wireless application software, wireless infrastructure, wireless security
By: BlackBerry     Published Date: May 03, 2010

Any IT person with a pulse knows that employees are flooding IT departments with requests to connect their personal smartphones to the company IT infrastructure. Notwithstanding the real productivity benefits from connected employees, until now many IT departments have turned down all such requests as a matter of policy. They calculated that the security and control risks outweighed the benefits from collaboration.

Tags : blackberry, smartphones, wireless, pda, enterprise servers, it management, budget, mobility
By: BlackBerry     Published Date: Apr 13, 2010

In this webcast, Mike Kirkup tells about BlackBerry application platform which simplifies the development, deployment and management of wireless applications. Leverages the core strengths of the BlackBerry solution to mobilize additional business processes and applications.

Tags : blackberry, microsoft exchange, mobile device management, mobile device management software, mobile workers, remote computing, wireless applications software, wireless computing
By: BlackBerry     Published Date: Apr 13, 2010

The Blackberry Java Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) is a fully integrated development environment and simulation tool for building Java Micro Edition (Java MET) applications for Java-based Blackberry smartphones.

Tags : blackberry, java, jde, microsoft exchange, mobile device management, mobile device management software, mobile workers, remote computing
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