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Storage Virtualization refers to the process of completely abstracting logical storage from physical storage. The physical storage resources are agregated into storage pools, from which the logical storage is created. With storage virtualization, multiple independent storage devices, that may be scattered over a network, appear to be a single monolithic storage device, which can be managed centrally. Storage Virtualization is commonly used in SANs.
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By: Dell     Published Date: Sep 24, 2012

Employ the newest DellT server technology, with high-density memory, balanced I/O and the latest processors, for your enterprise virtualization and business processing environments.

Tags : hardware, dell, high availability, virtualization, virtualized infrastructure, infrastructure, storage virtualization, configuration management
By: Dell     Published Date: Sep 24, 2012

Make IT the engine for your business success. The newest generation PowerEdgeT family is engineered with the right combination of features and performance scalability to handle tough workloads for both large and small data center environments.

Tags : it infrastructure, dell, server and storage configuration, data center, high availability, clustering, data, infrastructure configuration
By: Dell     Published Date: Sep 24, 2012

Get the benefits of rigorous server, storage and software integration testing with DellT Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) reference architectures.

Tags : windows, dell, architecture, virtual desktop environment, network architecture, hardware, storage architecture, server infrastructure
By: Dell     Published Date: Sep 24, 2012

The EqualLogic family of virtualized storage solutions from Dell is fundamentally changing the way enterprises think about purchasing and managing storage.

Tags : bulk data transfer, dell, microsoft, offloaded data, storage solutions, data storage, storage area networks, storage management
By: Dell     Published Date: Sep 21, 2012

Choosing the right combination of hardware and software for your data center can be a daunting task. This guide provides scalability within these configurations to fit your hardware needs as your business grows

Tags : dell, microsoft, virtualization, hardware, infrastructure, virtualized infrastructure, high availability, it infrastructure
By: CDW Symantec     Published Date: Sep 06, 2012

Hear from real-world IT professionals about their experiences using Backup ExecT 2012.

Tags : backup and recovery, cloud based backup systems, symantec, testimonials, storage virtualization, cloud computing
By: CDW Symantec     Published Date: Sep 06, 2012

Great new features like VMware and Hyper-V backup, bare-metal disaster recovery and "no-hardware disaster recovery" all help conveniently keep your backups easily accessible and secure.

Tags : data recovery, backup and recovery, backup solutions, symantec, deduplication, virtualization, data storage, data management
By: CDW Symantec     Published Date: Sep 06, 2012

As you try to restore a critical backup, is there a more unnerving question than, "What happened to my data?" See how you can avoid the classic pitfalls of backing up data and learn what to do in the event that your backups go bad.

Tags : data management, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, symantec, data recovery, storage virtualization, virtualization, infrastructure
By: CDW Symantec     Published Date: Sep 06, 2012

See what happens if you neglect to protect your mission-critical applications and data, and learn what you can do to mitigate disaster.

Tags : data protection, data recovery, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, cloud-based backup services, virtualization, storage virtualization, cloud computing
By: CDW Symantec     Published Date: Sep 06, 2012

What are you doing to keep your data safe? Check out these backup basics, learn about the options available and get advice on how to choose the right protection system for your needs.

Tags : disk backup, backup and recovery, deduplication, data protection, disaster recovery, storage management, storage virtualization, data deduplication
By: SunGard     Published Date: Aug 13, 2012

Unicous marketing improves reliability and flexibility, reduces costs, and increases performance with SunGard Enterprise Cloud Services.

Tags : unicous marketing, sungrad, cloud, services, improve performance, efficiency, enterprise applications, infrastructure
By: VMware     Published Date: Aug 09, 2012

Learn how small and midsized businesses are increasingly adopting virtualisation to deliver consolidation, improve data back up and disaster recovery and increase security with an in-depth new paper from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

Tags : vsa, vsphere storage appliance, storage, data, clustering, virtualization, backup and recovery, storage management
By: VMware     Published Date: Aug 09, 2012

Small and midsize firms virtualize IT infrastructure to meet real-world challenges: simplifying operations to focus on business issues, speeding up application rollouts to get more done, safeguarding data and operations to stay open and productive,

Tags : vmware, virtualization, infrastructure, data protection, data security, storage management, storage virtualization
By: VMware     Published Date: Aug 09, 2012

This technical white paper covers the the vSphere® Storage Appliance (VSA) architecture, deployment of a VSA cluster, and basic monitoring and management.

Tags : vsa, vsphere storage appliance, storage, data storage, security, vmware, clustering, backup and recovery
By: Intel Corp.     Published Date: Aug 08, 2012

The report outlines the benefits of using HP StoreOnce with NetBackup's integrated Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) backup capabilities to enhance administrators' abilities to effectively manage NDMP-enabled NAS server backup and recovery.

Tags : using, storeonce, ndmp, backup, symantec, netbackup, report, outlines
By: Intel Corp.     Published Date: Aug 08, 2012

Evaluator Group worked with HP to access the features, performance and enterprise capabilities of the HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup system. HP labs and equipment were utilized, with testing under the direction of on-site Evaluator Group personnel. Testing focused on validating high availability features, performance, and application integration.

Tags : evaluator, group, storeonce, b5200, backup, lab, validation, paper
By: Intel Corp.     Published Date: Aug 08, 2012

Enterprise Strategy Group shares why client-side deduplication is the best. Dedupe 2.0 leverages intelligence and awareness at the source, backup server, and storage device. In these scenarios, the awareness of what data is already in the deduplicated storage and the discernment to send new data or not is performed within the production server instead of the backup server or deduplicated storage. Hence, network savings begin at the production server and backups are significantly faster since only changed data is transmitted from the production server to the storage solution.

Tags : dedupe, 2.0, store, once, enterprise, strategy, group, client
By: CDW Symantec     Published Date: Aug 02, 2012

Read about how Symantec provides the security needed to protect valuable information without hindering productivity. This white paper documents how Symantec helps identify, authorize, inspect and protect, so companies feel comfortable with their employees working from anywhere and from any device.

Tags : mobile, wireless, cloud computing, virtualization, data storage, data management, symantec, smart phones
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 25, 2012

It should come as no surprise that storage budgets are constantly under pressure from opposing forces: On one hand, economic forces are pushing budgets to either stay flat or, in many cases, shrink as a percentage of a company's revenue. On the other hand, the infrastructure struggles to keep up with the pace of data growth, pressured by many variables, both social and economic. Businesses have no choice but to acclimate their storage infrastructure to the unprecedented levels at which data is growing.

Tags : infrastructure, technology, cloud, storage, virtualization, data management, ip storage, storage management
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 25, 2012

SVC and Real-time Compression reduces costs, improves IT Optimization and provides a outstanding savings for virtualized third party arrays through a software upgrade.

Tags : infrastructure, technology, cloud, storage, virtualization, data management, optimization, svc
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 25, 2012

As it has been the trend over the last decade, organizations must continue to deal with growing data storage requirements with the same or less resources. The growing adoption of storage-as-a-service, business intelligence, and big data results in ever more Service Level Agreements that are difficult to fulfill without IT administrators spending ever longer hours in the data center. Many organizations now expect their capital expense growth for storage to be unstoppable, and see operating expense levers - such as purchasing storage systems that are easy to manage - as the only way to control data storage-related costs.

Tags : infrastructure, technology, cloud, storage, virtualization, data management, backup and recovery, ip storage
By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 13, 2012

Read through this essential resource to uncover the benefits of a cloud-based approach to disaster recovery. Don't put your enterprise at risk by practicing DR methods that require you to compromise.

Tags : ibm, technology, cloud computing, organizations, virtualizing, recovery, cloud, storage virtualization
By: Red Hat, Inc.     Published Date: Jul 10, 2012

Cloud computing has a lot of appeal, from auto-scaling to lower costs, and it's all just a few clicks away. Thus, the big question is not "why cloud?" but rather "how cloud?"

Tags : cloud, cloud computing, autoscaling, lower costs, applications technology, applications platform, it productivity, application lifecycle
By: Eaton     Published Date: Jun 01, 2012

For all their advantages, virtualization and cloud computing bring some unique challenges: higher power demands per server and enclosure, more critical applications residing on each server, and a need for greater visibility into power conditions.

Tags : virtualization, cloud computing, resellers, power distribution, power protection, business continuity, power monitoring, power audits
By: Eaton     Published Date: Jun 01, 2012

Server virtualization empowers businesses to lower hardware spending, simplify administration and boost availability. For IT and facilities managers, however, it introduces challenges and opportunities.

Tags : power management, server virtualization, business continuity, data center, virtual machines, server utilization, infrastructure, internetworking hardware
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