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By: HP     Published Date: Aug 21, 2014

This video from Enterprise Strategy Group discusses findings of research they did with HP customers on how backup, recovery, and archiving solutions from HP, including the HP StoreOnce Backup product family, have helped them save time and money.

Tags : roi, archiving, backup, recovery solutions, lower costs, speed recovery, infrastructure, risk
By: Fireblade     Published Date: Aug 21, 2014

Fireblade has developed an innovative behavioral approach to website security. It inspects users’ behavior and interactions with and relays the aggregated information to a central cloud, where a continual, real-time risk assessment process uses big data to discern legitimate users from attackers and abusers. Download this whitepaper to learn about this new approach.

Tags : fireblade, web application security, cloud security, interactions, cloud computing, hackers, attackers, cyberattack
By: Vision Solutions     Published Date: Aug 21, 2014

A report on research findings into the state of resilience and methods used companies to ensure their strength.

Tags : data management strategies, data protection, system migrations, data safeguarding, backup and recovery, clustering, business continuity, disaster recovery
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Users are pleased, application adoption swells and user productivity surges. That's business in the fast lane!

Tags : accelerating, delivery, cloud, capacity, infrastructure, networking
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Businesses are rapidly adopting virtualization, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS applications broadly across the enterprise to minimize costs and enable seamless collaboration and communiation. This is significantly straining the traditional network paradigm.

Tags : hybrid, network, transforming, business, collaboration, cloud infrastructure, virtualization, saas
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Recent EMA research revealed that top drivers for embracing and deploying VDI include easier management, improved data security/control, and reduced physical desktop capital and administrative costs.

Tags : networking, it management
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Increase network application performance and availability while reducing costs with Riverbed path selection.

Tags : hybrid, networking, application, performance, path selection
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Since 20017, IDC has been conducting interviews with Riverbed Steelhead customers to assess the financial impact of the Steelhead WAN optimization solution. As Riverbed Technology has added features and functionality to Steelhead, IDC has worked with Riverbed to update and add to this research by conducting additional in-depth interviews with Steelhead customers - most recently in 2012.

Tags : business, value, wan, optimization, financial impact, research, networking
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Accelerate Application Performance while Enhancing Control and Visibility.

Tags : acceleration, application performance, hybrid, networking, control, visibility
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

EMC® RecoverPoint family provides cost-effective, local continuous data protection and/or continuous remote replication solutions that allow for any-point-in-time data recovery. Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimization solutions deliver maximum performance for business applications and data transfers over Wide-Area Networks (WANs).

Tags : data protection, performance, optimization, data transfer, wan, networking, it management
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Microsoft® Exchange Server has become the corporate standard in email, calendaring, and workforce productivity. As a result, significant time and IT resources go into creating a robust, reliable, high-performance Exchange environment. IT departments regularly consider deploying additional exchange servers, moving servers to branch offices, and even adding more bandwidth in order to improve Exchange performance.

Tags : security, wan, optimization, workforce, productivity, bandwidth, networking, it management
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

An IDC® study documented the business impact of WAN optimization solutions on enterprise organizations. Current trends and issues that were explored include evolving and shifting communication patterns, connection types, applications and bandwidth.

Tags : optimization, wan, communication, patterns, enterprise, networking
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Riverbed recommends the following simple steps to an effective SharePoint deployment and user acceptance.

Tags : sharepoint, user acceptance, business, performance, networking, cloud computing
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

SRDF protocol header allowing Riverbed Data Streamlining optimization to operate more effectively. Riverbed Selective Optimization for SRDF/A provides even greater performance gains by applying specific optimization policies to specific SRDF replication groups and avoid “learning” unwanted byte patterns, increasing Riverbed Data Streamlining efficiency and increasing overall application throughput.

Tags : srdf, data streamlining, optimization, byte, application throughput, networking
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Over the past nine years, WAN optimization has transformed from a point-product that solved isolated problems into a strategic cornerstone for application delivery. New acceleration capabilities boost user productivity and satisfaction while reducing time to market. WAN optimization can now be more flexibly integrated into environments to accelerate diverse traffic types, and it includes functionality such as inbound QoS, network performance visibility, and application-intelligent control.

Tags : wan optimization, benefit, flexibility, network performance, user productivity, networking
By: Intel     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Purpose-built for use with the dynamic computing resources available from Amazon Web Services ™ the Intel Lustre* solution provides the fast, massively scalable storage software needed to accelerate performance, even on complex workloads. Download now to learn more.

Tags : intel, cloud, cloud computing, data center, virtualization, infrastructure, storage virtualization, server virtualization
By: Intel     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Around the world and across all industries, high-performance computing is being used to solve today’s most important and demanding problems. More than ever, storage solutions that deliver high sustained throughput are vital for powering HPC and Big Data workloads.

Tags : intel, data center, big data, hadoop, cloud, lustre, hpc, infrastructure
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

As demands on the data center increase, IT and facilities departments need to be able to increase and sustain high availability, maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) provides an integrated platform for monitoring and measuring consumption, capacity and performance of both IT and facilities resources in the data center.

Tags : ca technologies, dcim, data center, data center operations, infrastructure, blade servers, storage management, server virtualization
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

IT organizations are increasingly being called upon to cost-effectively deliver reliable support for the entire catalog of business services, or risk outsourcing to a managed service provider.

Tags : ca technologies, capacity management, business automation, business intelligence, business scoring, network performance, business analytics, business process automation
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

There are few concerns more critical to the success of an enterprise than the performance of its applications. Business applications are the engines that keep the business moving, representing both the touch points for customers as well as the means of interaction among employees. If the performance of critical applications is restricted in any way, the business can suffer irreparable damages.

Tags : ca technologies, application performance management, capacity management, business applications, business integration, network performance management, application integration, business analytics
By: bitglass     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

In this Gigaom Research Webinar, we will separate the real threats from the hype, identify the most common forms of security breaches, and discuss the tools and processes businesses can put in place to minimize exposure and damage.

Tags : bitglass, saas, saas security, crm, microsoft, salesforce, identity theft, security breach
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

The data center is getting bigger and more complex and so too is the asset inventory. Every new asset has an impact on the day–to–day operations of the data center – from power consumption and problem resolution to capacity planning and change management.

Tags : ca technologies, dcim, asset management, power, power and cooling, data center energy, servers, backup and recovery
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS™) is the software that powers Riverbed’s unique award-winning line of Steelhead™ application acceleration appliances and Steelhead Mobile client software.

Tags : optimization, wan bandwidth, high-latency, traffic, wan, wide area networks
By: Server Technology     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

In this paper we will explore the advantages of a new, less common approach to PDU design by means of alternating each phase on a per-receptacle basis instead of a per branch basis.

Tags : server technology, blades, racks, data center, data center power, power and cooling, green computing, cloud computing
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 19, 2014

To help organizations plan their DCIM roadmap, this paper explores five essential DCIM use cases and outcomes. From better asset utilization and faster provisioning to maintaining availability, greater efficiency and smarter capacity planning, we look at how DCIM can close the operational and optimization gap for both IT and facilities.

Tags : ca technologies, it operations, dcim, data center management, data center capacity, performance management, blade servers, storage management
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