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By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 22, 2015

To build a great mobile app, you need the right skills, tools, and support. That’s why many companies are turning to integrated and collaborative mobile application development environments that let them meet business needs and exceed customer expectations.

Tags : ibm, mobile application, app, build, integration, collaboration, development, software development
By: Comcast Business     Published Date: Mar 24, 2015

The introduction of bandwidth-intensive learning applications, including video and peer-to-peer applications in teaching has fundamentally transformed the way teachers teach and students learn. The federal E-rate program has forever changed the technology landscape of school districts and libraries in the United States. Receiving funding is not guaranteed, and following the E-rate process and procedures is critical – especially when thousands, even millions, of dollars are at stake for your district. The rewards that new, education-specific cutting edge education applications deliver to the classroom far outweigh the effort required to participate in the program. This paper briefly examines the promise of new, education-specific applications, the advanced network services that enable them, and the role of the E-rate program.

Tags : application-enabled learning, education, funding, bandwith, education applications, e-rate program, networking, it management
By: Epicor     Published Date: Mar 19, 2015

Collaboration is an essential element of successful businesses. Yet according to an Aberdeen ERP Benchmark survey, many businesses struggle to support true collaboration across their organizations. More ERP vendors are adding social ERP to their offerings, making collaboration easier and more fun for employees.

Tags : collaboration, business growth, erp, business success, enterprise applications, telecom
By: Epicor     Published Date: Mar 19, 2015

In this increasingly competitive environment, the ERP deployment choice is a significant advantage for companies seeking an agile response to constantly changing and often-volatile market conditions. In particular, cloud-based ERP systems are increasingly seen as an effective means for companies to economically deploy new ERP or expand IT operations as their commercial reach broadens globally.

Tags : erp deployment, cloud-based erp systems, it operations, commercial reach, it management, enterprise applications, telecom
By: Plantronics     Published Date: Mar 09, 2015

This Guide takes you through the three pillars of SoundScaping and shows you how to optimise smarter working by applying the Acoustic Intelligence Framework.

Tags : acoustic intelligence, soundscaping, smarter working, acoustic intelligence framework, acoustic challenges, smarter working environment, bluetooth, mobile workers
By: Schneider Electric     Published Date: Mar 03, 2015

This paper explains how to plan for VoIP power and cooling needs, and describes simple, fast, reliable, and cost effective strategies for upgrading old facilities and building new facilities.

Tags : voip power and cooling needs, building new facilities, upgrading old facilities, ip telephony applications, telecom, design and facilities, power and cooling
By:     Published Date: Mar 03, 2015

Learn how to set new standards in capability for your cloud-based call centers and see how you can make your call center more efficient, get a greater return on investment, and most importantly, make your clients happier.

Tags : cloud-based, call centers, customer churn, performance, telecom
By:     Published Date: Mar 03, 2015

Learn how to prepare a business case for a contact center and see the five reasons that you should use to persuade financial decision makers in your organization that a contact center is a project that they must approve.

Tags : contact center, cost benefit, data, customer satisfaction, telecom
By:     Published Date: Mar 03, 2015

Learn how to choose the best system for your organization and find out the major differences between a contact center & a call center based off your businesses needs.

Tags : contact center, call center, systems, telecom
By: Polycom     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015

Becoming a strategic trusted advisor and leading business transformation are some of the ways to ensure that IT leaders will become increasingly relevant and contribute to the work of corporate executive boards.

Tags : business, video, conference, multicultural, meetings, communication, cio, digital
By: Polycom     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015

Video is already being utilized in most enterprises to some extent. The era of pervasive video has arrived, and with it the need to manage video holistically across the enterprise and throughout its lifecycle. Developing a proper strategy for management and governance can yield a competitive advantage especially when it is focused on key business outcomes.

Tags : polycom, ecm, video, content, platform, vcm, corporate communications, content marketing
By: Polycom     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015

AOL's wide-open, work-the-way-you-want approach seems perfectly suited to a company where staffers defy distance by overcoming more than miles. "Distance obviously is going to separate you and your colleagues, but flexibility is really what's going to bring it all together." AOL has identified Polycom collaboration as one of the top three mission-critical tools for the business.

Tags : polycom, aol,, huffington post, collaboration, connectivity, communication, collaborative commerce
By: Polycom     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015

Defy distance and get the most our of international business video conferences. This guide provides discussion about cultural differences encountered when conducting business across borders and cultures. Following are some practical hints and tips for how to make your video conference a successful communication channel for effective business meetings, anytime.

Tags : business, video, conference, multicultural, meetings, communication, best practices, collaboration
By: Polycom     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015

This report will examine the basic components of the technology, considerations for deploying video conferencing solutions, and will introduce the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform to readers.

Tags : polycom, collaboration, connectivity, communication, deployment, video conferencing, infrastructure, messaging
By: Polycom     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015

The Fortune 100 and 400,000+ customers rely on Polycom to push the greatness of human collaboration forward everyday. For video collaboration to become ubiquitous, systems need to be easy to use and manage. And they need to deliver great experiences across every work environment, from immersive theater to conference room to work and home office to mobile video on a tablet or smartphone.

Tags : polycom, video conferencing, communication, collaboration, solutions, technology, messaging, telecom
By: Polycom     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015

This paper will highlight the key elements companies should look for in a video conferencing system, and offer best-practices recommendations for identifying and working with a video solutions provider.

Tags : polycom, collaboration, connectivity, communication, deployment, video conferencing, infrastructure, user experience
By: Polycom     Published Date: Feb 25, 2015

The workplace is undergoing fundamental changes, with people persistently connected by digital collaboration technologies and an evolving work environment. Understanding these key trends will enable enterprises to prepare for and implement a collaborative workplace.

Tags : polycom, collaboration, connectivity, communication, deployment, video conferencing, infrastructure, user experience
By: Comcast Business     Published Date: Jan 15, 2015

For most small and mid-sized businesses the future is all about growth, and a cloud-based approach to information technology is inherently supportive of growth strategies.

Tags : comcast, technology, business, blueprint, plan, start-up, start, future
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Jan 12, 2015

Complexity is NOT synonymous with "sophisticated" - that's a myth the suppliers of complexity want you to believe so they can sell you a service to cope with it. Learn how to leverage the power of pure IP, to provide your organization with a brilliantly simple unified communications suite that will drive collaboration and enhance productivity. With ShoreTel, end users take control of all their communication methods (voice, video, IM) – regardless of location (office, home, Starbucks, Tahiti). The definition of office is no longer four walls, a desk and a telephone. Time and place is almost irrelevant now – workforces are demanding total versatility to work smarter, where they want, when they want and on whatever device they choose. Learn more about: • Benefits of collaboration • Avoiding complexity • ShoreTel’s uniquely open architecture • Saving money with the lowest TCO • Improving customer satisfaction

Tags : business communications, unified communications, collaboration, open architecture, lowest tco, customer satisfaction, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Jan 12, 2015

Historically, IT investments were made simply in the interest of increasing competitiveness and with little insight into the hard, fact-based financial case. As organizations worldwide have been forced to tighten belts and slash budgets, management increasingly require financial evidence for sound IT purchases that fully align with business goals and strategies. This webinar defines and describes total cost of ownership - an important metric for assessing and tracking the risks, costs, and benefits of unified communications solutions. TCO breaks down the many factors used to present a solid business case. You'll learn how to develop a solid business case that: • Compares competing solutions on an equal footing • Aligns solutions with business needs • Provides a framework for establishing ongoing budgets • Offers the ability to audit the original business case

Tags : tco, communications, competing solutions, metrics, communication solutions, it management, telecom
By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Jan 12, 2015

This report focuses on the remote support trends of 2014 and the available solutions for your business.

Tags : remote support trends, remote support platforms, logmein rescue, mobile computing, telecom
By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Jan 12, 2015

This paper briefly covers the relevant trends that are affecting user behavior, and offers new criteria for selecting an audio conferencing solution provider that meets your organization’s needs.

Tags : audio conferencing solutions, logmein joinme, trends affecting user behaviour, mobile computing, mobile data systems, collaborative commerce, mobile marketing, online video marketing
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Jan 12, 2015

With the move to the cloud comes a broader push among companies of all sizes toward increased mobility. Suddenly, organizations whose business was once limited to specific geographical sectors can enjoy a far vaster scope of operations. A mobile workforce enables workers to use the technology at their disposal in order to work anytime, from anywhere. This whitepaper discusses: ? The changing nature of the workplace ? How the deployment of UC spurs mobility ? Changes your business can expect when it becomes mobile

Tags : unified communications, cloud, increased mobility, mobile workforce, deployment, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Jan 12, 2015

Organizations' UC adoption and use correlates to their size and internal factors, such as skills, budgets and structure. To formulate effective UC product and solution road maps and go-to-market strategies, providers' product planners should understand organizations' behavioral and adoption trends. Download the Gartner Report to understand which UC solution best fits your needs. What You'll Find In The Gartner Report • UC adoption trends and projections based off Functional expansion, User expansion and Replacement Cycles • How companies buy Unified Communications • UC technology Trends in Telephony, Messaging and Conferencing • Key findings in buyer behavior by organization size • Gartner's Recommendations

Tags : unified communications, key trends, telephony, conferencing, behavioral and adoption trends, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Jan 12, 2015

5 Predictions For Business Applications Software In 2015 Why Read This Report? As the shift to the cloud broadens across more business application types, application development and delivery professionals are torn between maintaining key operational systems and making investments in innovative platforms that drive better customer experiences and business process innovation. In 2015: • Businesses will prioritize the applications that help their firms win, serve, and retain customers and demand higher degrees of flexibility, consumer-grade user experiences, and more advanced analytic content. • Applications portfolios will evolve to hybrid architectures that increasingly leverage software-as-a-service (SaaS) components, with more integration points but also more flexibility and agility for the business. • This report highlights five key predictions for 2015 in the context of your applications budget, portfolio mix, selection criteria, and the evolving vendor landscape.

Tags : business applications, cloud, application portfolios, hybrid architectures, saas components, vendor landscape, telecom
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