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By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Jul 18, 2014

A Case Study on Sling Media and its experience of LogMeIn Rescue

Tags : logmein, rescue, sling media, rescue case study, customer support, customer support reporting, call center management, call center software
By: RCN Business     Published Date: Nov 11, 2014

In a changing business climate, you're only productive as the technology that supports you. In fact, having the right services can mean the difference between one more happy sale or one less customer. Don’t settle for "one less" - get the right solution for your business with RCN Business Services. RCN Business Services offers a full suite of communications products and services to businesses of all sizes, including Internet, voice, video and network solutions. We are a facilities-based provider that offers extensive fiber density with redundancy and superior performance. Spanning over 6,000 miles, the advanced fiber-rich network is completely diverse from other communications providers, enabling businesses to experience exceptional customer service, quicker installation and issue resolution. RCN Business operates on three fundamental tenets: Partnership, Choice and Technology. These fundamental tenets guide how RCN Business approaches the sales process, addresses its customers, and supports its products and services. Partnership: The process starts with a dedicated RCN Business account representative actively listening and learning the needs, goals and challenges of a business. The trained and experienced RCN Business staff then delivers a customized solution. Choice: RCN Business understands that one size does not fit all. The goal is to create a reliable, customized technology solution that contributes to a business’s success and growth. Technology: Technology and customer support are critical to any business. With RCN Business owning and having full control of its network, businesses get local U.S. based operations, faster response times and a continuous monitoring for superior uptime.

Tags : lan, voip, business communication, wan, pbx, networking, wireless, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Oct 20, 2014

This report details Forrester Research, Inc.’s recommendation for IT professionals building out a Unified Communications and Collaboration infrastructure within their business. The key to success of a UC deployment is delivering benefits to both users and business units. This report guides IT professionals through the key needs, drivers, and likely benefits of a UC deployment. The report also predicts and quantifies how a communications and collaboration infrastructure rollout can reduce overall IT cost, drive productivity, and improve collaboration across the firm. The report from Forrester covers: • Benefits of Unified Communications • How to define the business value of UC • How to identify and calculate all sources of hard-dollar Benefits of UC • Obstacles to UC adoption and tips on overcoming it

Tags : unified communications, benefits, business value, uc adoption, it management, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Oct 20, 2014

This document offers an overview of the current top ten requirements to consider for a premise-based UC solution, with features called out as well as a ShoreTel case study.

Tags : unified communications, requirements, premise-based uc solution, buyers guide, it management, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Oct 20, 2014

The versatility of VoIP has made it the leading choice for companies seeking an updated phone system that enables them to do more for less. Coming to the conclusion that you want VoIP is fairly simple; however, the next question you must answer is: which VoIP is best for my business? To ensure you make the best choice for your business and budget, it’s important to compare the two types of VoIP available today: Basic and Managed. Finding the answer is easier than you think, mainly because we’ve done all the research for you. So call R&D and tell them you don’t need their VoIP comparison spreadsheet — you’ve got your own. Simply download the e-book "Which Hosted VoIP Solution is More Cost Effective for You" and you’ll be poised to make an informed decision in mere minutes. Download this e-book and learn the differences between basic and managed VoIP in: • Features – Standard or Advanced • Internet Connections – Public or Private • Installation – Employees or Experts • Costs – Variable

Tags : voip, phone systems, internet connections, installation, costs, quality, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Oct 20, 2014

In today’s economy, flexibility and speed are essential to success. It’s no surprise that more companies are turning to VoIP phone systems to give them the freedom they need to grow and accommodate clients near and far. But, how do you know which VoIP provider is best for your business? To answer that question, first you must ask yourself if you want basic hosted VoIP or managed VoIP. Like the names sound, basic is a no-frills, DIY approach, while managed comes with all the latest features, including a team of experts to manage your system for you. To make the best choice for your business and budget, download the e-book "9 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud Phone Provider.”

Tags : cloud provider, voip phone systems, voip providers, flexibility and speed, it management, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Oct 20, 2014

Complexity is NOT synonymous with "sophisticated" - that's a myth the suppliers of complexity want you to believe so they can sell you a service to cope with it. Learn how to leverage the power of pure IP, to provide your organization with a brilliantly simple unified communications suite that will drive collaboration and enhance productivity. With ShoreTel, end users take control of all their communication methods (voice, video, IM) – regardless of location (office, home, Starbucks, Tahiti). The definition of office is no longer four walls, a desk and a telephone. Time and place is almost irrelevant now – workforces are demanding total versatility to work smarter, where they want, when they want and on whatever device they choose. Learn more about: • Benefits of collaboration • Avoiding complexity • ShoreTel’s uniquely open architecture • Saving money with the lowest TCO • Improving customer satisfaction

Tags : business communications, unified communications, collaboration, open architecture, lowest tco, customer satisfaction, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Oct 20, 2014

Historically, IT investments were made simply in the interest of increasing competitiveness and with little insight into the hard, fact-based financial case. As organizations worldwide have been forced to tighten belts and slash budgets, management increasingly require financial evidence for sound IT purchases that fully align with business goals and strategies. This webinar defines and describes total cost of ownership - an important metric for assessing and tracking the risks, costs, and benefits of unified communications solutions. TCO breaks down the many factors used to present a solid business case. You'll learn how to develop a solid business case that: • Compares competing solutions on an equal footing • Aligns solutions with business needs • Provides a framework for establishing ongoing budgets • Offers the ability to audit the original business case

Tags : tco, communications, competing solutions, metrics, communication solutions, it management, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Oct 20, 2014

If you are feeling the constraints of your current phone system, you may be wondering about the benefits of a new system (updating your current equipment or moving to a managed services model) and whether it can justify the expense. Since your last purchase, phone systems have rapidly evolved: no longer just a cost of doing business, the best systems now can substantially increase revenue and productivity. In fact, advanced systems offer over 90 features that help drive business by simplifying, coordinating, and expanding core communication needs. Are you ready to see what the new systems can do? One comprehensive, user-friendly guide contains all the content you need to make a smart choice for your next phone system.

Tags : phone system, benefits, increase revenue and productivity, communication needs, user-friendly guide, networking, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

Although business is mostly Internet driven, Bonobos, a mean’s clothing company, is unique in that it places its phone number front and center on its website. Unlike many online retailers, Bonobos actually likes talking to its customers and wants to be accessible to them. Customer service representatives, remote and traveling staff, and executives rely on the phones to conduct business with customers, suppliers, vendors, trade shows, etc.

Tags : customer service, ideal phone system, accessibility, specialty retailer, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

Danmer Shutters is the largest manufacturers of shutters in California. “We wanted a cloud-based solution that would provide us with the latest technology and support on an ongoing basis without multiple installations, upgrades or training going forward.” Danmer searched for a forward-thinking company that offered “pay as you grow” functionality. And very quickly they zeroed in on ShoreTel Sky’s UCaaS for Retail businesses. “The ShoreTel system costs slightly less than our local service, saving us 75 percent on our toll-free bills, and offers us the reporting we need to understand our marketing ROI more precisely. What more could we want?”

Tags : telephone system, cloud-based solution, technology and support, marketing roi, pay as you go funtcionality, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

Increasingly, the nonprofit sector is turning to cloud based telephone solutions that allow them to leverage their resources to generate contributions, while at the same time maintaining a tight budget and timeframe. Founded in 1961, Amnesty International is a non-profit organization with offices in 80 countries with approximately 130 full-time staff in the U.S. Their Challenge: Consolidate Multiple Phone Systems and Billing. “ShoreTel Sky for Non-Profits has unified our organization. It allows us to be mobile without missing communication, to save costs in terms of long distance calls and hours spent reconciling billing, and ultimately to be more productive.” Maximize donations while reducing costs!

Tags : non-profit sector, cloud based telephone solutions, multiple phone systems, productivity, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

New Jersey SHARES, Inc. is a statewide, non-profit corporation primarily offering assistance to individuals and families in need of help meeting their energy and utility burden. They typically handle call volumes of 300,000 + per year. In the past, NJ SHARES used antiquated landlines with no reporting or customization capabilities. Calls were often dropped or frozen, reporting was unreliable and call monitoring was difficult. There were days when the phones were completely down and restoration was challenging and time consuming. That’s when they decided to move to ShoreTel Sky for Non-Profits. Now that NJ SHARES is equipped with a VoIP solution that has the capacity to handle its large call volume, the organization is pleased with the improvements in its customer service. The call center that handles the Department of Community Affairs calls improved its incoming call percentage to an impressive 99.7 percent of calls being handled with the ShoreTel Sky solution. Don’t miss a single

Tags : non-profit, customization capabilities, voip solution, large call volume, customer service improvement, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

In America’s most densely populated city, the competition for apartments is always fierce. Despite the initial reluctance to a hosted solution, the right choice for Manhattan Apartments became clear. With its ability to direct calls in the unique “game show” manner desired by Manhattan, outstanding customer service and unbeatable reliability, the ShoreTel Sky solution stood above the rest and has delivered on its initial promise. “We want the phone calls to go somewhere, and so I have now the hosted solution with all these different switches, in multiple locations, we have ways that we could always get that phone call to be productive, and recreating that scenario with my own PBX was next to impossible.” Easily upgrade from PBX to a cloud phone system and get continued support!

Tags : customer service, unbeatable reliability, cloud phone system, real estate, hosted solution, productivity, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

Real Estate and property management professionals must provide exceptional customer service to stand out from the competition and attract the best clients. What’s more, they must leverage resources to maximize transactions or occupancy. For 21 years, MEM Property Management has managed condominium properties in New Jersey. Whenever their customers call, its mostly an emergency. Problem: “Every few weeks, the old PBX phones would go down and our properties were getting busy signals or told the number was disconnected,” he says. “Our customers were understandably upset. When we called the phone company, there was no sense of urgency. They just told us they’d put in a work order and it could take up to a day. That was unacceptable.” Solution: MEM chose ShoreTel all the “Must Haves” of a real estate phone system: technical support, reliability, call quality and cost. Cloud Phone Systems = Easy administration + improved productivity + increased customer satisfaction

Tags : property management, customer service, real estate, improved productivity, customer satisfaction, cloud phone systems, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

Financial services firms need to develop and manage client relationships, maximize resource utilization and improve operational efficiency. ShoreTel Sky for Financial Services Firms offers a comprehensive set of solutions designed to meet these unique requirements. Fieldpoint was looking for a cloud-based solution would enable the bank to do three things: 1) focus on its core competency while outsourcing the telecom portion to experts in the field; 2) shift the high capital expense associated with the call center to a more manageable operating expense; and 3) minimize the number of IT staff hours required to support onsite telecom hardware and software. Most importantly to the firm, the ShoreTel Sky phones provide connectivity to, Fieldpoint Private’s CRM lifeline. All customer account detail, including call history, is recorded here and made available to the advisor as each client’s call connects. Move From CapEx to OpEx in your phone system investment!

Tags : customer service, resource utilization, operational efficiency, enterprise applications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

Protégé Partners isn’t a traditional hedge fund. A seemingly trivial phone system may not seem critical to its success, but in the high risk world of hedge funds, communications is everything. Protégé Partners was coming off of an existing hosted PBX, Cisco Call Manager. Due to lots of reliability and support issues, they started evaluating ShoreTel Sky for Financial Services. “The more I looked at ShoreTel Sky, the quicker I realized that their turnkey solution offered what our other provider was unsuccessfully trying to piece together.The ShoreTel Sky cloud architecture and phones require no heavy upfront investment, are feature rich and can be installed quickly. Even better, I don’t have to maintain them anymore.” More CFOs are moving IT investments from CapEx to OpEx – are you?

Tags : trivial phone system, communications, reliability and support, it investments, cloud architecture, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

Communications are central to the success of every law firm. In a profession that depends on swift, accurate information, a missed message can mean mistakes, delays, or worse. But with the right business phone system, operations become streamlined, raising firm productivity and saving both time and money. ShoreTel offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective voice over IP (VoIP) communications solution for law firms available in the market today—from automated attendant and enterprise contact centers spanning multiple locations, to mobility solutions that connect teams via smartphones and tablets, to fully integrated cost accounting solutions like LexisNexis Time Matters and Client Matter Codes. The Mascia Law Firm uses ShoreTel Sky phones to ensure round-the-clock accessibility. Now, when clients call The Mascia Law Firm day or night, they speak to an attorney or case manager, not voicemail boxes or assistants taking a message.

Tags : accessibility, comprehensive and cost-effective, mobility solutions, communications, telecom
By: ShoreTel     Published Date: Sep 23, 2014

UK Top 200 law firm, Stephens Scown Solicitors differentiates service to clients with Unified Communication as a Service. A business phone system that unifies modes of communication can benefit your law practice—but not if it’s complicated and expensive to implement. The wonder of a ShoreTel unified communication (UC) system is the incredible ease of management and intuitive ease of use—no matter how many office locations or employees, no matter how large or limited your IT resources. ShoreTel’s cloud-based phone system for Legal, ShoreTel Sky, is perfect for firms that prefer to leave phone system maintenance to the experts. ShoreTel Sky takes care of all support and service upgrades and is available as a monthly subscription service, which means no upfront capital investment. Focus on your practice, not your phones!

Tags : success story, business phone system, modes of communication, cloud-based phone system, support and service upgrades, monthly subscription service, telecom
By:     Published Date: Aug 27, 2014

This report outlines Forrester's solution for IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals who are building out communications and collaboration infrastructure. This report is designed to help you define and build the business case for unified communications (UC). The key to success of a UC deployment is delivering benefits to users and business units - not just saving money on infrastructure.

Tags : it infrastructure, unified communications, collaboration, solutions, better business, it management, telecom
By:     Published Date: Aug 27, 2014

Unified Communications (UC) has come a long way since Voice over IP (VoIP) was first introduced to the enterprise nearly two decades ago, evolving both as a technology and as a platform that can substantially improve the way we do business. Although VoIP remains the foundation for UC systems, in the past ten years UC solutions have also added collaboration tools such as: Contact center features, presence, and video conferencing support; Individual employee efficiencies like unified messaging and "bring your own device" (BYOD) support; And underlying infrastructure upgrades such as virtualization, enhanced management systems, and improved reliability

Tags : voice over ip, unified communications, presence, video conferencing support, infrastructure, management systems, it management, telecom
By:     Published Date: Aug 27, 2014

There are two kinds of VoIP in this world, and figuring out which one is best for your budget depends on what your business needs. VoIP service providers either deliver Basic Hosted VoIP (BASIC) or Premium Managed VoIP (MANAGED). Like the names imply, BASIC is a no-frills service that requires a do-it-yourself approach, while MANAGED has all the bells and whistles, and is managed for you by a team of experts, so there’s no disturbance in the force.

Tags : managed voip, budget, basic hosted, service provider, solutions, business needs, it management, telecom
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 12, 2014

U.K. energy contractor reduces total cost of ownership while improving customer service and adopting new ways of working.

Tags : cisco, unified communications solutions, borderless network infrastructure, cisco ironport security, case study, access control, anti spam, anti spyware
By: Keynote     Published Date: Apr 23, 2014

In the world of digital interactions, the margin between success and disengagement or abandonment is measured in milliseconds. With the exploding adoption of advanced smartphones and tablets, you need a mobile-first approach to engaging with customers and employees. And as your mobile initiatives are delivered at increasingly rapid rates, the quality and reliability of the mobile apps, mobile web and connected services that support them has become critically important. For the technology teams delivering customer and employee services in the mobile channel, it is important to understand that performance monitoring solutions which work for the desktop cannot be simply applied to mobile. Managing the mobile end user experience requires an understanding of the challenges posed by the complexities of the mobile environment. This paper will reveal the 4 pillars of mobile performance, plus offer strategies for accurately monitoring mobile end user experience so you can continuously improve.

Tags : mobile application monitoring, mobile application monitoring system, mobile app performance, mobile application performance, app monitoring, monitor mobile applications, web performance monitoring tools, performance monitoring
By: Interactive Intelligence     Published Date: Apr 23, 2014

To put it carefully, certain technology decisions at the federal level since 2002 have been questionable. But citing new “Cloud First” policies for implementations in government contact centers, data centers, and federal agencies, cloud initiatives are now showing value by way of cost reductions and broader functionality. Abdo Rabadi of Blue Kite Consultants and Mechele Herres of Interactive Intelligence say even more benefits of the cloud await. Read how the federal government can best achieve them.

Tags : interactive intelligence, cloud communications, cloud, cloud solutions, government, cloud providers, business process automation, contact center
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